Everything You Know Should Know Before Starting Your Axie Infinity Scholarship Program

Everything You Know Should Know Before Starting Your Axie Infinity Scholarship Program

Since Axie Infinity has become the new trend in the NFT gaming industry, many people have taken the plunge to mine the cryptos available in the game community in the form of tokens. While some concentrate on playing as a scholar, others prefer to participate as managers helping aspiring players to cross the bridge of lack of funds to buy the starter team of three Axies.

Presently, the number of participants in the Axie Infinity community is increasing, having members from different parts of the world. As an intelligent investor, you might deem it a golden opportunity to invest in the new business community to earn more profits while the hype lasts. 

One of the ways to earn big in the Axie Infinity community is to create a scholarship program for starters who can’t afford to make the initial investment of Axies which usually costs up to $200. If you know hoe go about it, you can earn a fortune in just a month having many players under your scholarship. Scholarship owners don’t play. They only sit down and allow the passionate game enthusiast to do the job. After all, they share the profits based on the agreed proportions. 

But, how do you start?

Like any other business, starting the Axie Infinity scholarship program requires setting goals to run and maximize profits smoothly. This walkthrough will show you the essential things you need to know before creating your scholarship program to help new scholars start playing and earning tokens in Axie Infinity.

In this post, we will start with these technical basics and then dive even more profound, looking at other vital elements to prepare a few things, such as a warm welcome email template for your Discord server. We will discuss a few ideas to encourage camaraderie and community amongst your scholars and wrap up by reviewing an example scholarship application.

You may think you are 100% prepared to become a scholarship manager, but – I assure you there are many things in this blog post that you have not heard before.

Ensure you pay attention to the honest answers to the most frequently asked questions I hear from new managers!

Let’s get into it!

What is a Scholarship Program in Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity has burst into public acceptance in recent months, with thousands of new players joining the game community. However, more people cannot play because the cost of the required starting axies is too high.

Scholarship programs have become a credible way for managers to give out their axies to aspiring scholars in return for earnings. These scholars play to earn in-game currency called smooth Love potion (SLP), which comes from progressing through different levels of adventure mode content and winning a series of battles in the arena.

Scholarship program arrangements make Axie Infinity more accessible to people who otherwise would not be able to buy a team of axies independently. By setting up a scholarship program, you are about to change people’s lives for the better while earning reasonable returns on your investment. Visit http://darkside-ro.com/how-axie-infinity-is-changing-the-world/ to read about How Axie Infinity is changing the world.

If you haven’t done that already, there is a fantastic Play-to-Earn documentary that illustrates the remarkable impact Axie Infinity has had on different communities in the Philippines and other parts of the world.

Before Starting an Axie Infinity Scholarship Program

So you want to set up an Axie Infinity scholarship program? Before you onboard your scholar, there are a handful of critical decisions you will need to make.

Payout Amount And Schedule

Typically, scholars earn an in-game token called Smooth Love Potions (SLP) as they complete different tasks and win battles in Axie Infinity. As a scholarship owner, it is your responsibility to determine how many SLPs you want to pay out to your scholars and how much you want to retain the manager. It is fair to pay at least 50% of the SLP to scholars; however, most scholarships payout 60-80%.

Similarly, you must conclude how often you will be paying your scholars. The two general payout schedules are once every two weeks and once a month.

Finally, how do you plan to pay your scholars? Some managers prefer transferring SLP to scholars’ Ronin wallets and leaving the rest to the individual. Other managers pay ETH directly to scholars’ crypto wallets (ex: MetaMask or TrustWallet). Click here to read about What’s cryptocurrency?

Scholar Axies

How do you plan to obtain the axies for your scholarship program? Do you want to purchase them from the Axie Infinity marketplace? Or would you prefer o breed your own? In reality, setting up a breeding environment is one of the most affordable ways of acquiring axies, but you wouldn’t mind waiting for five days between breeds.

Standard Scholarship Rules

It is essential to decide on the rules of your scholarship program before opening the application process for interested scholars. For instance, will you require that your scholars play for a certain number of hours per day, or do you want them to earn a minimum amount of SLP per week? Later in this guide, we will look at some standard scholarship rules.

Scholarship Application

Most managers use Google Forms or Typeform to set up a scholarship application and respond. You can then link to your Axie infinity scholarship application form within social media bios for extra visibility.

Another reasonable option is to have a detailed list of application questions copied by the scholar, filled in and sent via Twitter or Discord.

Check out how to create a Scholarship Application in the forthcoming post for more information on form builders and application questions that are very useful.

Scholarship Promotion

How do you build a substantial scholarship and recruit new passionate scholars? Will you screen aspirants before they apply or after? Do you want to recruit from the Axie Infinity community or via friends and family?

The most common places to declare new scholarships are:

  • Twitter – using hashtags Axie Infinity and Axie Scholarship written in one word
  • Reddit
  • Discord

On the different side, social networks allow managers to cast a wide net and attract thousands of applicants exceptionally quickly. The problem then is: how do you screen all of the applicants? It is very overwhelming, trust me.

You might consider an alternative to ditch the blanket application process and recruit friends and family.

Using this tactic, you will find and vet some initial applicants within the same geographic area. After you have onboarded them as credible scholars and confirmed that they’re dependable, you can ask for referrals to their game-avid friends and family. That means less vetting for you and an even greater sense of community and belonging for your scholars.

Final Words

Axie infinity scholarship program is the real deal for quickly earning big in the gaming community. You don’t have to stress yourself sitting down, looking at the screen all day. All it requires you is to sit back, relax and allow your scholars to do the job for you. However, you need to create an enabling scholarship program that encourages players to put their best into it.

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