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DarksideRO Changelog 3.8

In Development

Key Changes


Please patch your client to update the item descriptions.

Update & Changes

  • Fixed Naruto Headband Costume
  • Some bug fixes on Costume Enchant NPC
  • Some bug fixes on HoH Warper
  • Disabled Force Choke in HoH
  • Disabled Force Drain in HoH
  • Added PvP Points System in Battleground
    • Gain 1 PvP Point per kill
    • Lose 1 PvP Point per death
  • You will now lose 1 PvP Point per death in Maintown Arena
  • Patched Customized Caps
    • Pie Cap
    • Ugs Cap
    • Drew Cap
    • Jonas Cap
  • Some fixes on the ff headgear sprites
    • Black Dragon Cyc
    • LV Baseball Hat
    • LV Coppola
    • LV Note Headphones
    • Venom Dragon Cyc
  • Fixed Greatswords Costume
  • Disabled Force Duplication on @market Clones
  • Some fixes on Card Remover NPC
  • Added PvP Points in @points command
  • Updated Dark Box of Thunder
    • Now gives 5 seconds to bypass any movement speed interruption
  • Updated Speed Potion Effect

Additional Information



Chatroom Rules

✅ Respect everyone, specially the staff.
✅ Post in the correct forums.
❌ DO NOT spam, advertise other servers, and embed phishing or trolling links.
❌ Racism, harassment, bigotry or any form of derogation is not allowed.

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