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DarksideRO Changelog 3.5

In Development

Key Changes


Please patch your client to update the item descriptions.

Update & Changes

  • Hall of Heritage updates:
    • Players using @sleep / Trick Dead skill will be considered inactive and will not gain points while inside the Hall of Heritage.
    • You can now comeback for FREE as long as you have 1 active member inside the Hall of Heritage.
  • VIP update - Added @novipexp command. Using this will show/hide the VIP bonus exp upon killing monsters.
  • Fixed  a bug in the Castle Drop Exchanger NPC regarding players not getting their castle drop upon being disconnected/warped.
  • Decarder update - To prevent bugs from happening, we added a fail-safe measure where the player needs to unequip all their other items(Except costume) that will not be decarded.

Additional Information



Chatroom Rules

✅ Respect everyone, specially the staff.
✅ Post in the correct forums.
❌ DO NOT spam, advertise other servers, and embed phishing or trolling links.
❌ Racism, harassment, bigotry or any form of derogation is not allowed.

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