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DarksideRO Changelog 3.0

In Development

Key Changes


Please patch your client to update the item descriptions.

NPC Updates

  • Added Timer on Jeweler Quest
  • Added Timer on Endless Tower Quest
  • Some Fixes on Lotto Event NPC
  • Some Fixes on Credit Agent NPC
  • Added Own Rank in Gold Room NPC


FBH Card Update

  • Removed "Reduces Max SP by 25%"
  • Removed "Increase damage taken from Demi-Human by 10%"

Patched Customized Cap

  • Eub Cap
  • Kevz Cap
  • Jace Cap
  • Nics Cap

Enabled Lighthalzen Boss Card ( 0.50% Drop Rate )

  • Random Respawn
  • Every 2 Hours Respawn
  • MVP Cards List
    • Lord Knight Card ( @ii2 4357 )
    • Assassin Cross Card ( @ii2 4359 )
    • Whitesmith Card ( @ii2 4361 )
    • High Priest Card ( @ii2 4363 )
    • High Wizard Card  ( @ii2 4365 )
    • Sniper Card ( @ii2 4367 )

Donation Update

  • Added Geo Valkyrie Helm
  • Added Geo Dragon Wing

Added Hall of Heritage ( @quest )

  • Hall of Heritage - A new dungeon where you need a party of 10 to enter. One of your members need to pay 10 Credits before your party is allowed to enter the dungeon. Keep in mind that when you die and leave the map you need to pay the fee to enter again.
  • Inside the map, you will find elite MvPs that has a 15% chance of giving your whole party 1 heritage point upon killing them. Use these points to buy exclusive items like Costume Enchant Scroll!
  • Your party has 5 hours to try and gather as much points as you can. When you reach the 5 hour time-limit inside the map, you need to wait 12 hours before your party can enter again.
  • *Note: You need to enable /noshift to attack the MvPs inside.

Added Angelic Valkyrie Quest

  • Angelic Valkyrie Quest - Talk to Kails Engelis at (mainhall 159 95), she will give you a quest that will require the following:
    • 10pcs of a random castle drop
    • 100 Activity Points
    • 100 Vote Points
    • 100 PvP Points
    • 100 WoE Points
    • 100 KoE Points
    • 100 War Badge
    • 100 Hall of Heritage Points
  • After turning in the requirements above, she will reward you with a random Angelic Valkyrie Costume (Armor / Manteau / Shield / Shoes)
  • *Note: The Angelic Valkyrie costumes do not provide any visual and status effects. Use the costume enchanter to take advantage of these extra equipment slots!

Added Costume Enchanter NPC

  • Costume Enchanter (mainhall 47 34) - Using the Costume Enchant Scroll, this NPC can enchants non-headgear costumes like Angelic Valkyrie Armor / Manteau / Shoes/ Shield, and Costume Weapons with a random +1 stat (STR / AGI / VIT / INT / DEX / LUK)

Additional Information



Chatroom Rules

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✅ Post in the correct forums.
❌ DO NOT spam, advertise other servers, and embed phishing or trolling links.
❌ Racism, harassment, bigotry or any form of derogation is not allowed.

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