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DarksideRO Changelog 2.6

In Development

Key Changes



  • Added Top Killers in Gold Room NPC
  • Fixed Star Wars Ladder ( @swrank )
  • Valkyrie Shoes Update - Receive 1% Less Damage from Long Range per refine
  • Added Lotto Event NPC at maintown 226 207
    • Darkside RO 6/60 Lotto Guide
    • Mechanics
      • Betting
        • You can only place bets during 12PM ~ 8PM (GMT+8)
        • To place a bet, choose 6 different numbers between 1 ~ 60. There will be a 1 Credit charge per bet.
        • You can only place bets ONCE per account. Placing multiple bets on the same account is not possible and would only replace your existing bet, thought it will increment the jackpot.
        • Bets will expire on the following day at 11AM.
      • Draw/Claiming
        • You can only claim your prize between 9PM ~ 11AM (GMT+8)
        • We will draw the winning numbers every night at 9PM (GMT+8)
        • If your bet matches the 6 winning numbers, regardless of order, you will win the jackpot!
        • Jackpot is 5 Credits + 80% of the total prize money from all the bets that have been collected
        • Upon claiming the jackpot, you will be given Lotto Points, which then you can convert into Credits.
        • There can be multiple winners of the jackpot, so make sure to push your luck and invite your friends to join the Darkside RO Lotto!
  • Temporary Disabled Buying Store Skill
  • Temporary Disabled Buying Shop License ( mall and mainhall only )
  • White Valkyrie Set is now tradable

Additional Information



Chatroom Rules

✅ Respect everyone, specially the staff.
✅ Post in the correct forums.
❌ DO NOT spam, advertise other servers, and embed phishing or trolling links.
❌ Racism, harassment, bigotry or any form of derogation is not allowed.

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