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  1. They can’t even bring bring back the server’s host to where they promised it to be months ago, what do you expect? This simple issue of bringing back the host to LA made some players from other countries quit, what more to this issue where technically speaking cheats are involved. Are you guys waiting people to quit? Oh, right...these people who depend on boss hunt don’t contribute or should I say PAY to play the server so they don’t matter. Note: those players from other countries paid so much for donation items INCLUDING +10 WEAPONS and LHZ CARDS yet they get left behind with as simple as playing a lag-free server. Don’t even try, I got receipts. p.s. @sandbox what an unprofessional being. *slow claps
  2. Guild Name : Louyang Guild Leader : AbeI
  3. IGN: Rics Link: https://www.facebook.com/rics.on.737?eid=ARCbW25_cOOxDjP_ZmiylWun1uICKSHlvXN1PVSYiYSes7ir7ZYtiQc8avpMUi7w6Og-7NhGjdac5t7K
  4. Guild Name: Helsinki Guild Leader Name: Pemmi Members Count: 18/21 Do you know each member personally? Or you just randomly invite them in game?: YES/NO + explanation. I know most of the members personally, we all met last 2015 during Zeta's time and some I've known since Zeta's first launch on 2010 if I'm not mistaken.



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