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  1. just check difference between uber yellow and normal. difference is, uber have increase force push damage. this is useless since we're just using normal attacks. also, agree with arveezy, why not use 2pcs 4slots weapon? just like sinx. difference between weapon attack is so small, but the difference between of 4slots to 2slots is big (2TG = 40% attack)
  2. to make you feel better, look at icarus axe quest material. also, i already asked if they will changed it but they replied they do not need to change the quest material as of now. seems like they are favoring few job classes than the others.
  3. i suggested to allow a 3rd party program for darksideRO (autopots/skill spammer) i was ignored in discord. almost all private server nowadays are allowing autopots/skill spammer in their servers. hopefully they make allow 3rd party program like this in the future patches
  4. sad boys for the players who do not own, and i find that unfair to others (my personal opinion tho so don't hate).
  5. abububu1

  6. jailed for how many minutes/hours/days?



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