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  1. Hello team, Just wanted to share this sprite error that still appears on the chat box even with the recent patch. No crash issues here, but thought of letting you know. Thanks!
  2. Thank you @Shukiro. Just another question, is torn better than demon for wings? And why?
  3. @Shukiro, do you know if there is one for dex as well?
  4. I tried that, and it has been giving me null results.
  5. Ahhh. I see. Do we have a list of all modified cards? @Luna?
  6. That's weird. I believe that goes into the weapon and not accessory.
  7. @Shukiro What did you mean by Howard card? Howard Alt-eisen?
  8. Does 3 TGC and/or 3 AK works? I think the max you can put on each weapon is 2?



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