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  1. Correct config for the new LA Host as of Sept 15, 2020. PS : The host is popping out abnormal numbers and it'll be hard to use the auto config & ping feature since it returns 1700+ms as a result figuratively. You'll have to ping check each node one by one to find the best node for yourself. With Converge as my ISP and being located at the northern part of Quezon City, Japan's CoNoHa 6 seems to be the best and stabilized since I was able to pop 6 Bowling Bashes per second under it. PPS : I DO NOT play anymore. I just wanted to update this thread since I've gotten like 8 PMs from new people about it.
  2. It's the best defensive head gear set combo in the game apart from Blue Set's Vit specialty. You can effectively reach the point where physical skills that count flee will surely miss with some class & equipment combos. You can hit sub-800 flee which guarantees miss on most skills and even those with Sniper Cards only reach around 700ish. Focusing too much on Hit will make damage suffer thus increases your survival. Plus its a donation-exclusive gear with that not much stock in the game compared to its offensive counterparts such as Black & Red sets since less people play support and you can't use them that much in PvE anyways compared to the latter.
  3. Not quite sure but this is likely the issue you're facing : Upon testing, crit shield is actively working in this server so that "1" you're seeing is actually you missing. This is just a speculation since I have discovered weird ass bugs with dual wielders .
  4. TBH, this isn't viable with Sith & Star Gladiators around. An optimized SG can pull up to 120k*2 (vs MVPs where Gloom/Ktullanux is viable)+ 400% atk procs. There's no way a Whitesmith can out-DPS or even contest that. In terms of survivability, an SG has High Jump & Parry too and a small con of a slightly lower Vit:HP ratio versus Whitesmiths.
  5. Was this the one formerly at Izlude way back at Beta or the first week of launch that does 999,999 Bowling Bash and 500k Spear Boomerang that wore a blackset with lackeys that wore donor set and Cyc?
  6. In-game Name: Comatose Caption / Explanation: All I'm able to do is gaze on the stars while we wait for the world to come back to normal. I feel like I'm in the edge of insanity unable to trust no one but myself to keep me safe. FB post link:
  7. What the TS means is : Sadly no, it's disabled and by the looks of it this is a custom feature and wasn't available in retail (correct me if I'm wrong). As a 255 Trans server with custom gears and specialized items for Crit builds, I seriously doubt this'll be enabled since Crit SinXs are already ridiculously OP if funded.
  8. Dunno if it'll work since I don't have a 1440p resolution but make sure the graphics adapter at setup.exe is using your video card. If you're running on Nvidia, try using the resolution settings there so it can "override" the default graphics resolution. PS: Bigger screens is unforgiving for misclicks at PvP and would require more precise mouse control.
  9. Fastest fix we did for a guild mate of ours experiencing this was that he downloaded a lite installer and simply repatched it. You can try that
  10. I smell Mystic Set already. Pls release :c
  11. TBH, depends on your total gear set and stat build. I strongly recommend Thana LKs to almost never maximize Strength due to it hitting too much on stacked non-Grimtooth wearing Paladins that it tends to kill off your Devo making you practically worthless since you'll die on your next BB. I always center myself on steady DPS rather than hitting too much that you'll always be dead due to reflects. There's a certain point where dropping 3 bonus Str won't make a difference since you won't reach the next /10 divisor. Ex : Having 249 + 61 and 252 + 58 is practically the same so forcing a Howard Alt-Eisen card is practically a wasted slot unless you really need that 30'ish stat point elsewhere.
  12. You casting Earthquake = you spending less time popping Bowling Bash. The trade off isn't worth it and tbh, Ifrit cards are only viable on SinXs due to EDP multiplying Earthquake damage.
  13. Up for this, just tested it. Just a speculation though, this may be a balancing issue due to Bowling Bash already dealing x2 without walls and they just switched it around since I think it'll be too OP if LKs can pump out x2 on both open and walled players.
  14. Weapon aspd penalty is based on weapon type not weapon weight. Daggers has lower penalties than axes.
  15. New Icarus Weapon Sprite....? Animation wise?



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