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    • is sith the only effective class on monster arena? thank you! 
    • DarksideRO Battle Royale was inspired by the popular Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, and H1Z1, a multiplayer battle royale shooting game.  If you are not familiar with those games, don't worry, we'll try to explain everything on this thread. It is a survival game where the participants will be teleported in a map that shrinks over time until there is only one player left. In order to survive, you must either eliminate other players or simply run for your life. We recreated the experience as much as we can and implement it in Ragnarok Online, which is the result of Darkside Battle Royale. You must be a Base Level 1 Novice to qualify, and all your  items will be stored or removed upon entering the play zone. Also, all players will be turned into a Level 1 Gunslinger, so players will be on equal footing before the game starts. Simply type @pubg to join the queue, the game will start once it reaches the required minimum players. The Battle Royale NPC is located @joinevent (maintown 36 317). Now you might ask, "How can I survive as a novice without any items?" Don't worry, there are supply crates and care packages scattered across the play zone where you can get your weapons, armors, and healing items. The full list of items shall be listed later on this thread. But what if the players decide to have a peace treaty, how will the game end? Worry not, as I've mentioned earlier, the play zone shrinks over time and players that decided to hide in one corner shall be taken cared by the "Red Zone", where a ton of long-ranged monsters will aggressively attack them. The Red Zone will shrink the play zone up to 6 times every 2 minutes, starting from the outer part of the map, which would force the players to meet in the middle of the play zone. Kindly refer to the image below. Note: The image is not 100% accurate since monsters do not have a fixed spawn area. Also, when the playing area shrinks, 2 Care Packages will be spawned inside the playing area which can give the player a huge advantage since it contains the most powerful equipment that can be obtained in the game. Each player that you eliminate will grant you a Battle Royale Point and Rank, the points that you accumulate can be exchange for Battle Royale exclusive rewards while the rank shall determine how many players have you eliminated. The rewards and rankings can be viewed from Player Unknown at maintown 40 318. The lone survivor shall be declared the winner, regardless of how many players he/she eliminates. The player can claim the Chicken Dinner in the middle of the map. Refer to the image below: Each win will also reward you with a Battle Royale Chicken Dinner rank, WEAPONS Name Type Damage Stats Range Slots Weight Obtained From P92 Pistol 5 HIT -50 5 3 100 Supply Crate R1895 Pistol 7 HIT -50 6 2 80 Supply Crate S686 Shotgun 12 HIT -30, ASPD +2, Splash Damage 3 2 500 Supply Crate S1897 Shotgun 12 HIT -30, CRIT +2, Splash Damage 3 2 500 Supply Crate AKM Assault Rifle 24 HIT -30, CRIT +2, ASPD +5 8 3 500 Supply Crate AUG A3 Assault Rifle 22 HIT +10, ASPD +5 9 3 500 Care Package KAR98k Sniper Rifle 36 HIT +30, CRIT +20, ASPD -20 12 3 500 Supply Crate SKS Sniper Rifle 27 HIT +70, ASPD -10 11 4 500 Care Package WEAPON ATTACHMENTS Attachments are items that you can compound to your gun to improve it, keep in mind that putting an attachment to an incorrect weapon type will have no effect to your gun. Name Type Attachable To Stats Obtainable From Red Dot Sight Upper Rail P92, AKM, AUG A3, KAR98k, SKS Range +1 Supply Crate 2x Aimpoint Scope Upper Rail AKM, AUG A3, KAR98k, SKS Range +2 Supply Crate 4x ACOG Scope Upper Rail AKM, AUG A3, KAR98k, SKS Range +3 Supply Crate 8x CQBSS Scope Upper Rail AKM, AUG A3, KAR98k, SKS Range +4 Care Package Pistol Suppressor Muzzle P92, R1895 CRIT +1 Supply Crate Pistol Extended Mag Magazine P92 ATK +5 Supply Crate Pistol QuickDraw Mag Magazine P92 ASPD +1 Supply Crate Shotgun Choke Muzzle S686, S1897 CRIT +1 Supply Crate SG Bullet Loops Stock S686, S1897 ASPD +1 Supply Crate AR Suppressor Muzzle AKM, AUG A3 CRIT +1 Supply Crate AR Compensator Muzzle AKM, AUG A3 ATK +5 Supply Crate AR Extended Mag Magazine AKM, AUG A3 ATK +10 Supply Crate AR QuickDraw Mag Magazine AKM, AUG A3 ASPD +2 Supply Crate Vertical Foregrip Lower Rail AUG A3, SKS CRIT +1 Supply Crate Angled Foregrip Lower Rail AUG A3, SKS HIT +5 Supply Crate SR Cheekpad Stock KAR98k, SKS HIT +5 Supply Crate SR Bullet Loops Stock KAR98k ASPD +1 Supply Crate SR Suppressor Muzzle KAR98k, SKS CRIT +1 Care Package SR Extended Mag Magazine SKS ATK +10 Supply Crate SR QuickDraw Mag Magazine SKS ASPD +2 Supply Crate EQUIPMENTS List of equipment available to increase your chance of survival. Name Type Stats Defense Weight Obtained From Motorcycle Helmet Helmet Reduce Damage by 10%, Max HP +20 1 0 Supply Crate Military Helmet Helmet Reduce Damage by 13%, Max HP +40 2 0 Supply Crate Spetsnaz Helmet Helmet Reduce Damage by 18%, Max HP +60 3 0 Care Package Police Vest I Body Armor Reduce Damage by 10%, Max HP +20, Capacity +200 1 70 Supply Crate Police Vest II Body Armor Reduce Damage by 13%, Max HP +40, Capacity +200 2 70 Supply Crate Military Vest Body Armor Reduce Damage by 18%, Max HP +60, Capacity +200 3 70 Care Package Backpack I Backpack Capacity +200 0 0 Supply Crate CONSUMABLES Healing items to aide you in battle, using healing items requires you to stand-still, or else it will not work and the item will disappear. Name Type Stats Cast Time Weight Obtained From Energy Drink Healing Item Increases speed by 5%, Heals 30% HP over 1 minute 2 4 Supply Crate Painkillers Healing Item Increases speed by 10%, Heals 60% HP over 1 minute 3 10 Supply Crate Bandage Healing Item Heals 25% HP 2 2 Supply Crate First Aid Kit Healing Item Heals 75% HP 3 10 Supply Crate Med Kit Healing Item Heals 100% HP 4 20 Care Package Bullet Ammo ATK +25 N/A 0 Supply Crate Silver Bullet Ammo ATK +15, Endows Holy damage N/A 0 Supply Crate Credits to @sandbox for this event and very elaborate guide! 
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    • Neko

      GVG Event - Restricted! - Register here: https://darkside-ro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/480-restricted-gvg-event/&tab=comments#comment-2730
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    • Azuth

      Please just nerf the skills of sith in HoH and not block them in the map, Im a solo player that's why i'm playing HoH alone. 
      Screenshot is from old darksidero. 
      -Force choke
      -Force Drain

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    • Luna

      Monthly Tourny -- June 14
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    • Swifty

      Claim your rewards now! @warp maintown 214 207 
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    • Luna

      Hello, everyone!

      Just a lil announcement, the admin will be reloading scripts at 1pm GMT+8 today. It will cause the server to lag and also might reset some instances. So I kindly ask everyone to not create any instances at that hour. This includes Endless Tower, Niddhogur's Nest, Thanatos, etc.
      Thank you and we apologise for any inconvenience this would cause.
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