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    • High Wizard : Equip: Upper: Magic Eyes / Oblivion Helm ( i prefer this one ) Middle: Takius' Blindfold / Hollow Mask Lower: Artic Wings / Icarus Wings ( i prefer this one ) Armor: Valkyrie Armor ( rental ) / White Valkyrie Armor / Woe Robe Weapon: Quintessence / Rod / Icarus Staff Shield: White Valkyrie Shield Garment: Woe Muffler / Shadow Garb / Wool Scarf Shoes: Woe Shoes / White Valkyrie Shoes / Tidal Shoes Accessories: Orlean's Gloves  Cards: Upper: Evil Snake Lord Card Middle: Evil Snake Lord Card Lower: N/A Armor: Ghostring Card Weapon: 3 Margaretha Card , 1 Zakudam Card Shield: Golden Thief Bug Card Garment: Raydric Card Shoes: Amon ra Card / Eddga Card Accessories: Smokie Card / Errende Ebecee Card Stats: Str: just type /str+ 49 ( just to carry some pots ) Agi: until 196 aspd under Please don't forget me Vit: if you have spare stats put it here Int: just type /int+ 255 Dex: total of 150 without buffs ( ex: 125 + 25 ) Luk: N/A  
    • Visit their savepoint to join:  | Brotherhood | @go 22 | Guild member in discord: Leo#9591  | D'Brothers | @go 19 | Guild member in discord: mchamer#8624  | Epic Nubs | @go2 2 | Guild member in discord: sjrg07#5613  | Kamikaze | @go 31 | Guild member in discord: JmeL#7948  | Louyang | @go 14 | Guild member in discord: 6ix#4128  | Phobia | @warp ra_temsky 140 140 | Guild member in discord: Montana#6558 Shogun | @go 0, left side of fountain | Guild member in discord: Yayi#1465  | Swagger | @go 20 | Guild member in discord: Vashtido#7037 Uprising | @go 18 | Guild member in discord: Tzuyoda#7498 P.S. - Guilds are put in alphabetical order; I’ve added a discord tag of a person from the guild, if you want the person to be changed, just let me know; If you don’t want to be on the list or want to be added to the list just message anyone from the staff list or leave a comment under this post; Sorry, Shogun & Uprising, didn't have your emblem, if you want it added, just send it to me anywhere;  If you want your forum ign to be added here for easier communication between recruits and guilds, just leave a comment down below which guild you from and I'll add it in the list.
    • Closing this topic. For future discussion can private message me or any other staff.
    • Closing this topic. For future discussion can private message me or any other staff.
    • I'll move this topic to class discussions. https://darkside-ro.com/forum/index.php?/forum/16-league-conference/
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