Meet DarksideRO Staff

Our staff members are very well trained and organized, with this we can handle almost any situations proficiently and accurately giving you the best service you'll be needing when playing in our server. Most of us are very friendly, we are here to aid players whenever possible and as fast as we can. Meet the staff members here!

Staff Roles

Admin: Makes your dream come true, in charge of keeping the server alive. Patch, updates and changes to the server are all made by him, so if you didn't like the changes or updates on our server go blame him.

Developer: Basically the coders and script writers of the game.

Game Master: More like the customer service representatives of DarksideRO, they take care of your concerns. Ban, Hack, Scam cases you name it they'll take care of it. They are also in charge of the Events, so bug them out if you want one. Game Masters usually has a vast knowledge of RO/DarksideRO they can literally answer every question you throw to them, just make sure to be polite and professional if you don't wanna get muted.

Support: Acts as the uh, Support of course in-game they are in charge of hunting down the rule breakers. Mostly active in-game. Support has an experience and has their own tactics when it comes to hunting down rule breakers so beware they are all well trained and organized. Spec-Ops! Watch out!

Helpers: Think of them as a GM the only exception is that they only answer query/questions regarding DarksideRO nothing more nothing less. They only have a few commands in-game, please be nice to them as they can help you a lot specially when you're just starting at DarksideRO.

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