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Jedi Doge

Guild Package Application

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Guild Package Application



  • Minimum of 10 members.
  • All members should be level 255.
  • Guild level should be 50.
  • No member of a Guild should come from the same account.
  • All members of the guild should be from different accounts and owned by different people.
  • All members of the Guild should be online during the time of the claim or we will not accept it.


How it works?

  • Once your guild is approved, I will give a Guild Package box to the guild leader.
  • Make sure you're not overweight before opening the box.


Item Lists per member:(Account Bounded)

  • +7 Sprint Mail[1]
  • +7 Sprint Shoes[1]
  • +7 Tidal Shoes[1]
  • +7 Wool Scarf[1]
  • +7 Orlean's Server[1]
  • Black Feather Beret[1]
  • 3 Synthesis Ticket
  • 10 Credits
  • 10 Yggdrasil Berry Box
  • 10 Box of Thunder Box
  • Head Protector(Depends on the option)
  • Wings(Depends on the option)
  • +10 Weapon(Depends on the option)
  • +5 Stat Accessories(Depends on the option)


Special Item List list from Guild Leader:(Account Bounded)

  • The leader must decide who will receive the following highlighted items listed below.
    • 1 Valkyrie Armor[1] - Amount depends on the member count of the guild
    • 5 Combat Knife
    • 3 Ring of Resonance
    • 3 Ring of Flame Lord
    • 3 +8 Icarus Staff
    • 3 +8 Icarus Sword
    • 3 +8 Icarus Bow
    • 3 +8 Banryu[4]
    • 3 Icarus Wings




How to apply?(Reply in this thread wth the ff format)

  • Reply below with the ff format:
    • Guild Name:
    • Guild Leader's Name:
    • Guild Leader's Facebook:
    • Members Count:
    • Screenshot of your guild showing all members are max level.
    • Screenshot of your guild showing your guild's in max level.
    • A group screenshot of your guild in game.
    • Do you know each member personally? Or you just randomly invite them in game?: YES/NO + explanation.


Note: If your post has been deleted, that means your application has been rejected.


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