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  1. Lowering of token zeny may cause of much higher selling of cdrops. 1st of all non of the seller now not selling cdrops. 2nd i think koe points and woe points of item make it lower to buy it low cost. .3rd no one selling a dt because they know set of donation item is much higher than selling dt . For short its hard to control the economy because most of the player is very rich the only thing you do is to farm farm farm
  2. it much better to do +10 str +10 dex blackset
  3. SS = Crit damage
  4. Hi @Jedi Doge Since not all player don't have razer keyboard. . . can you allow us to use hotkey f1-f9 . . or can you provide us the hotkey can we use in server. . Like in Zeta f1-f9 hotkey are allowed. nakaka dalawang keyboard na ko sira Hope you understand our situation
  5. Boss @Jedi Doge and admin please reduce delay casting of focus arrow (sniper) even i use 2 kiel and bragi the delay still so high
  6. can i suggest to reduce the delay casting of Focusing Arrow Strike of Sniper even i use pure bragi and 2 kiel still can't spam because of high delay casting - Cramp card also is not working @Jedi Doge
  7. can I suggest all the quest item even the wings and ica set place to prt_in 44 104 thanks
  8. Can I request to show the guild name when they break the emperium and also the breaker name who break the emperium. yesterday there is no guild name show when you break the emperium.
  9. hi Sir @Jedi Doge Can I suggest to show the breaker name once they break the emperium and can insert also top 10 breaker? thanks
  10. i would like to ask if there is possibilty to adjust the blueset someday?
  11. Please adjust also the black set and blue set . .
  12. for me this thing giving a purposes to be an inactive guild, after getting 3 castle. . . WOE purposes to conquered . And every guild that is the target. As of now lot of guilds because of 21/21. . but 3 castle can reduce 1 guild in woe, reducing the challenges. . by the way I dunno now what gm on his mind. . . darkside ro now is getting crazy and lag problem. . .
  13. so for short. 3 castle then no woe for a while. . . rest day? . ..
  14. Jedi Please remove rules of 3 castle only. . . how about the active guild , getting already 3 , and then after that cant get another. . so what do we need? give the castle to other, so they have them. . I dunno what the reason and purpose of 3 castle only. . . let them unlimited castle, woe is so good now because lot of guild, but I think 3castle only is not a good rules.
  15. and no gven stats or benefits the quest so hard . . . by the way thanks