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  3. The AOE Heal would be really helpful in terms of supporting. Given that there is a fixed cooldown for the heal so it wont be abused. Also a decent formula that gives a heal of around 30k and that affects a limited number of members only to avoid abusing the skill by running multiple priests in the party. One way also to avoid the abuse of the heal is by having a status symbol while you have been affected by the heal; meaning you will not be affected by another priest’s heal if you are still in the state of the previous one ( Just like how meka works in DotA )
  4. Lowering the zeny in the token quest should be the first step. The overall suggestion looks good. Definatly a +1
  5. About sa screenshot event may consolation prize po dibasa mga sumali


  6. When will the result be announced in Halloween Screenshot Event. ?

  7. We have Zakudam Cards that Sage's can equip.
  8. Most probably we will be implementing these too.
  9. I will try this tonight.
  10. Follow My Thread: 



  11. I think YGG leaf is okay but the real cause of the problem is the unli resu. Suggesting of auto kick in pvp when your character dies twice already. This is to avoid point farming.
  12. Suggesting to implement @hold command in WOE wherein your character is restricted to move. I see people misclicking in WOE so much which causes them to go to the stack of the opposing guild. With @hold to keep you in place when enaging in a GVG. Just toggle it on and off when pushing
  13. Good to know @joecnls! This will also help players in the future.
  14. Will be making PVP build guides soon!