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  1. Sinxc additional SB damage. If its not going to be implemented please remove it.
  2. Stat on elf ears please.
  3. Gunslinger motorcycle mount using boarding halter please!
  5. 4b mostly
  6. Stats on elf ears pls
  7. Have 1pc +7df axe. Drop your BO
  8. Uhmm, hard mdef reduces the duration of the freeze and stone curse status, do some better research. Lmaooooo. Don’t you have valkyrie equips that gives immunity to various ailments? You don’t utilize your stats to give your character some status ailment reduction? In pvp, almost all characters have immobalizing/escape skills. And as far as inflicting debuffs goes, there isn’t a lot. Afaik, a certain support clown uses a high mdef build which utilizes 2 maya purple cards. I don’t see it as completely useless since a lot of people have a hard time killing him 1v1. Lmao. Panacea could be bought from NPC’s. I don’t know why you’d hunt those. O_O The storage could be opened literally everywhere so you can stock as much as you want. And lastly, why the hell would I use poring cards in crucial moments? If i’m dealing with a sinx/jedi/sith and have 99 pd, the poring card would make me invincible so yea, still viable. Don’t you know how to switch between gears? Try it out. It’ll help you tons.
  9. You can gain immunity from status ailments with a certain amount of stats, or did you not know that? Stacking mdef reduces the duration of status ailments and you could always use panacea/green pots to cure other ailments you don’t have immunity to. If adding one consumable in your bm is too much for you, then your suggestions roots from inexperience and not low rate-high rate server difference. Pair that maya purple with a certain set and you basically gain immunity over mage classes while still keeping a decent defense against every other class. That 6 mdef would only be useless if 100 mdef isn’t enough to gain immunity to magic, which is not the case in this server. And regarding the poring card, if that is the only choice to achieve 100 pd then why the hell not right? But there are better choices so...
  10. +6 mdef is a LOT if used with the right build. I don’t think you know what mdef does for you to imply it’s useless.
  11. That would make the mining system obsolete then because instead of wasting time buying AES, people could just throw in their credits to enchantero and get the same results. This could be considered if the staff would lower the success rate for enchanting with creds. The AES enchanting could be increased a little bit so that it players would be more enticed with the mining system.
  12. Or you can even change it by sets. Something like, the first set of barricades are all holy, the second are all fire then the last would be dark. Something along those lines.
  13. Not really, you guys could just specify what property you switch the barricades to in the change logs You can easily change it into 2 types or simply increase the HP like what you guys did on the Emperium. Your call.
  14. Guilds could easily re-role their members once they own a castle. Given that the time of SE WoE is 2 hours, it gives other guilds a lot of time to organize members multiple times. Increasing the barricade's HP is a better solution that having characters heal it. Or why not change every single barricade's property and resistance? Let's say, one is a ghost property so asura strikes would deal less damage, one is water, one is demon, etc.
  15. So basically, you removed potion pitcher on the barricade but want to add another heal skill that affects it? Even with a maximum heal, castle owners would just thrown in a number of priests and spam the barricade like crazy.