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  1. ^ I guess? but what's the use of this sets now? I mean I assume that peeps only use this on 1v1 tournaments since VA is preferred during WoEs. But since those sets are restricted, I guess it's useless now? ( not sure with this but I guess even in pvp peeps use VA for the antifreeze, UNLESS this sets have antifreeze already?)
  2. just a suggestion. Would it be possible for the WoE MVP Rewards be given to the top10 in @mvprank? or the MVP guild? or like 1st place at @mvprank gets the full reward while 2nd and 3rd gets reduced ones?
  3. if peeps keep on insisting that farming with homun is okay might I suggest to revert the number of bapho jr back to it's original (rms based)? back to 25 bapho jr on the map and put a respawn timer of 2-5mins lol. peeps keep abusing it muting or jailing them doesn't do shit they'll just complain here saying that what their doing is legal and once out of jail/mute they'll just keep on doing it even tho it was already said that it is illegal
  4. should we still download that? or are those just for the ones having problems?
  5. there's a reason why macros were removed. I think one of them is that it adds lag during woe. It's better this way that not all can spam like sheit, also why not change to a class where you don't need to press keys that much? as you said you already broken 2 keyboards. Why should the server adjust to you when you can adjust to the server?! no hate just stating my opinion
  6. btw you can't gain points if you don't have a lvl50 guild. so making a new guild alone and not leveling it is useless
  7. whaat? i thought it was only during events? damn so that's why it always ended at 57th min. Anyway, thanks for the info
  8. "STILL"? so it koe was always random in the last 3 mins? not last 5 mins?
  9. Yes, through the use of WoE points. 100 WoE points = 1random cdrop box also there is a cdrop exchange, every exchange is worth 25m. It is random so there is a chance to get ESG
  10. +1 to this, especially GM skulls huehue OR make it a quest requirement lol
  11. making war badge tradeable would mean abuse. Think of it, many players would just put many accts inside bg and hoard them war badges. Thus, your "business" would mean nothing. I personally do this coz I thought it would be tradeable but it was a good idea that it wasn't
  12. Koe participation reward only gave 10 points and 1 point additional for 5 mins of participating
  13. IGN: Black ESG please
  14. why remove it? so what's the point of winning woe now? I dont even get woe points even if it was me who broke the emp during last min coz I lack minutes for reward. What's the point of winning woe if you have the same reward as the others, maybe less (woe timer rewards only). At least just give more woe points to the winner
  15. updates in woe yet rewards for the winner still broken