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  1. GVGMODE lkjewq
  2. Black Set is mostly fine. Physical melee classes are still 100% the dominant class on the server. Crit builds are certainly going to be a lot stronger but Black Set is still alive and well.
  3. Idea: Enable multiple WoEs and/or KoEs (at least 1-2) throughout the week/weekend that have the item restrictions labeled in this link: [Event] Item Restriction Lists Pros: Improved balance between non-donaters and donaters for certain WoEs/KoEs. Practice ground for the monthly GVG Events. Highlight of a different WoE/KoE meta. Cons: Heavy donaters cannot abuse other players during every WoE/KoE.
  4. Just start throwing out 2 day or perma mutes. AFK Homunculus farming is just less effective botting. They're literally using an AI to farm which is the same as a macro or not would do just not as sophisticated or as effective. Treat them as bots.
  5. Sharpshoot damage can't be competitive until defender isn't on 24/7 for every paladin.
  6. This is a bug. All song and dance buff/debuff timers should refresh the instant than they come in contact with a player. Currently the moment a song/dance stops interacting with that player, it will wear off 20 seconds after that time period and you cannot refresh it before then. This means: Someone casts bragi on your then walks away and never casts it again: bragi wears off 20 seconds after exiting the bragi. Someone casts bragi on your then walks away and then comes back 10 seconds later and casts it again: bragi wears off 20 seconds after leaving the original bragi. What should happen in the 2nd example is the bragi timer should refresh to 20 seconds upon entering the new bragi and constantly refresh while in a bragi.
  7. Change castle OR make stones auto-spawn on castle break. Horn has the shortest and most straight forward entrance to Emperium route in addition to the widest chokes meaning it is nearly impossible to stop everyone from getting by and successfully setup barricades, let alone stones, after the castle breaks and they run through at full speed with yggs blazing. If it wasn't neigh impossible then we would see guilds attempt it and successfully do it. As it is, we don't even see guilds attempt to get stones or barricades up.
  8. FAS would be nice to get lower delay (like to AD level). While you're at it, go ahead and lower individual bolts to that delay level or jt level, right now they're just useless to use without bragi.
  9. Agreed.
  10. If Black set is to be buffed, I would like to see Mystic wings be changed to include either MATK, magic damage on demihuman, or INT (with consideration for acid demo) as the 10% physical damage is near useless on that set.
  11. I would take a look at the PK/WoE capture time scripts running, they are notorious for being resource hogs when improperly implemented.
  12. Use a more up-to-date guide (RMS' is old), they are working they were just moved.