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  1. IGN: stalkey BUYING: Ice Ear Wing
  2. The players has been less from day by day now. Improve Battle Ground (BG): 1. Reduce minimum players to 3v3, increase winning points from 50 into 75~100 or over that balance the situation (deathmatch) 2. Remove Castle BG map, just focus on DeathMatch map (players not play on castle map - based on bg exp) 3. Something that "why must I join BG?" Put something rare/most needed items on BG shop example Cards / DT / Enrich Elu / Cdrops with average prices (instead of costumes =.='') 4. Change BG time gap into every 2 hours or increase BG playtime into 1.5hours or any ****** Im thinking myself ~ Does RO a farming game 24/7 or a PK game?
  3. List Items To Sell: 2x Water Spell Caster 3x Job Costume Ticket 1x Berzebub Card 1x Thanatos Card Leave Best Offer (No Low Offer PLS) in Credits / Bonus Points / Donation Ticket IGN: Memory