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  1. I guess no one yet got the summer surprise box,. I always see loot box and dracul box
  2. Suggestion sir. can you make a conversion of credits to event gold coin?. like 20000c = 1 event GC and maybe this can also solve the high price of the items in game
  3. I have Jedi bro. I know the effect of talis to jedi. but what i am clearing here is about the cooldown of force sacrifice written in the updated change log..it says that force sacri cooldown skill was changed to 40secs, meaning from the time that you cast until you can cast it again. *cooldown of skill is different from duration of skills*.. and maybe you know that when you cast force sacri without talisman it only takes 30secs duration. if you dont cast again the force sacri before it ends then you will die.. and how is that if the cooldown of skill is 40secs? you die first before casting again?.. sry maybe i need to log in later to check. cuz im at work now☺
  4. bro force sacri is 30secs duration when not in talis, the update is they make the force sacri 40secs cooldown of skill. then how can you cast again when if you are dead?
  5. Sir, does it mean you always need to use soul link when using force sacri?
  6. If you need stats, then go for other costumes with additional stats. They are just a 40 BP costume and you expect more of it?
  7. Why would you say no value? It is still more stronger than ordinary weapons even on its low upgrades or you can Try Your luck. Upgrade it
  8. There's nothing wrong if the element will remain. its just like elemental converters for level 4 warm wind I think.. And also for the upgrades for hit rate is just like the variant shoes, you have to upgrade to get more hp. but sacrifice for increase in def. My only one concern about the boss cards is the sniper card,The 200 Hit is ok but i think the 50% lifesteal is too much that makes somebody like immortal in 1 on 1 battle or in pvp😂😈✌
  9. Maybe people will sell it less cheaper than the price of npc like around 14b. It wont make it obsolete because people who dont wanna expend 15b will farm for their own, especially when there will be shortage in credits. *If a player badly need credits, he will sell his items more cheaper than other's prices*
  10. Putting credits like 15b in enchantero per enchant of armor makes also a lot of credit burn for sure, since it is the same as the price of enchant scroll and 15b is not that easy to earn.Many players wanted to enchant their equipments to make them stronger but supply and hoarding of mithrils are one of the problem.
  11. maybe you can also put quest on lhz boss cards also since they respawn every 2 hrs unlike ifrit that you have to wait 11hrs for its respawn time. just add donate items in the requirements for the profit of the server also
  12. Sir What happen to my homunculus Filir, the intimacy stays 10 for more than an hour , I tried to fed her but she cry and lost IGN: Coffee Vend
  13. Everytime I use Potion Pitcher lvl 5 for blue potion to my vanilmirth it only shows 0, with or without sp still show 0.