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  1. this is not the items that we expect base from the forums. we already got the promo items from the event and then we applied for a gpack and hoping to get a bounded VM because some of my friends cannot afford it yet but this is what we got from the guild package. honestly i'm a bit disappointed, what will we do with this we already got this items from the event. so it means that the forum details is bull whats the point of having it then. @Jedi Doge
  2. Guild Name: Glory Hole Guild Leader's Name: Pillage Members Count: 24/27 10 members of this guild are my friends and the others are the guys we met in game and been playing WOE for 3 days i just want to help them get the items and enjoy the server everyday specially in WOE times @Vox Populi @Jedi Doge
  3. i'm just a newbie so i don't know the basic price for the FBH. how much is the basic price?