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Epik Phale

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    Epik Phale
  1. Add items on Bounty Quest. Wahaha
  2. Rainbow Wing Ears All stats +1 Grim Reaper All Stats + 1 Hiding Panda All Stats +1 Nymph of Darkness All Stats +1 Love Wings V2 All Stats +1 Love Clip All Stats +1 Valkyrie Feather Band Stat +1
  3. Next update please include: Rainbow Wing Ears - All Stats +1 Nymph of Darkness - All Stats +1 Valkyrie Feather Band - Any Stat +1 Love Beanie - Any Stat +1 Hiding Panda - All stat +1
  4. Yooooown! Blinking Eyes, yeeaaah! Ty!
  5. Sir? Any chance of making Blinking Eyes return as mid gear again?
  6. Pirate Cape? Blinking Eyes? Feathered Hat, also? Plox!
  7. Sana STR yung Luffy. T_T