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  1. bump for this. at least nerf their hp if you don't want to remove them.
  2. just a question, will you be releasing the limited costume lotti again in the next month? haha
  3. I suggest having a "Costume/Item Return" system wherein for example, if you don't like your F.Coat anymore (KOE SHOP), you can sell it at the KOE shop for KOE pts "BUT" for less KOE pts; let's say 70% or 50%, so it'll be like 700 pts, it's up to the admins. this can be in WOE/KOE/DT/BP pts. this can circulate the costumes and all of the costumes that the players don't like to use anymore.
  4. so is the job costume still a reward for lotti? where can we get job costume ticket now?
  5. the mods already did a discount for those items, from 40 to 33 and from 20 to 16(?, not sure with the figures). it went on for almost a month IIRC. well, i still stick with my statement that lowering the prices of the donate items will be unfair to those who donated already. if they can do a compensation for previous donates or at least lower the prices to a point where it won't harm the economy too. (too much supply will still destroy the economy, like with the thanatos card) They can't just lower the prices down instantly. they need to plan it first, and that's what the mods are doing now. you can't just compare one game to another. the system there and the system here is different. BUT the mods can probably come up with similar gimmicks made by Garena to let the players have good items (raffle using RP in LoL; maybe Donate Points in Dside) It's still too early to say where the economy is headed to.
  6. the server went on for 6+ months with the selling price of 60$ for 100-120b. it just kept going up because of new donate items + new donors who wanted to sell higher. THEN fastforward to today, 60$ for 200-220b? that right there is "lugawan". most donors have more than 60$ to spend. some even spent 500$ for a costume the population of credits in the server is so high already that the mods needed to do a money sink (which they've already tried through lotti and gambino). the mods already lowered DF prices from 18 to 12. this is acceptable since DF weapons just came out recently, BUT lowering other prices will be unfair to those who already donated before. that's why the mods came up with this phase 1 so that hopefully, the players won't bite the baits of those lugaw vendors and will wait until the prices go down by themselves(of course through the help of players and mods and the new updates on balancing the economy) +1 tho to the usage of zeny in making DBOTs and fish slice. they actually already require 10k zeny per try but you can make it higher like 20-30. if the mods can even add an option where you can just try creating using zeny. the problem in creating DBOTs are the speed pots, which is only 50% droprate from munak and bongun. so the players just rely on the events(halloween, xmas, valentines) to get DBOTs. +1 to increasing required zeny on quests. Packet Wifi already proposed something good and even proposed buying quest items through credits only.
  7. i agree only with the agi bless part. i think it'll be a good thing if it's only the inc agi and bless, not the kyrie part. free ab bypassing gtb will actually do no harm IMO.
  8. you can actually edit the darkside.grf so that at darkside.ini, you won't see it being so messy and stuff. if you want to remove XL size chars/sprite editing in woe gvg, the mods can make the WoE maps have a script or something that disables any grf editing when you are at the map. (i'm not sure how it's done but i've seen it in other servers) +1 to this. but maybe change it a bit. Clementia and Canto Candidus - if you can make these buffs ignore gtb like what they said, or even the normal bless and inc agi, that would be awesome. Lauda Agnus and Lauda Ramus - if you can even merge it as 1 buff/cure it would be better Adoramus - not sure about this one, maybe implement it first then if it really hurts like hell when you do lex aeterna + this skill, just nerf it. Oratio - i don't like this one. 20% will be too op for those who can use holy elem(well, basically everyone if you have aspersio.) GS/Snipers with holy bullets/arrows will have more massacre spree
  9. yea was just asking, because in lotti girl you at least win ygg seeds, berries, poison bottles, glistening coats, etc. i disagree with the good countermeasure for price inflation tho, because i think this NPC won't affect the way players sell their items. but at least, yea there will be a way to lessen the population of credits in the server thanks anyway <3
  10. when you lose in gambino you will win nothing?
  11. i think you should remove hardrock mammoth, Duneyrr, and tendrillion from the db mobs. they are quite hard to kill, they shouldn't be on DB
  12. i think the oblivion helm's requirements should be nerfed or something. crothen is sold for about 40-45b then you need 1 crothen for obli helm. if you buy mystic VH, which is 20 DT, (around 55b?) you get 10% reduc added to the +20 int. obli helm should be around just 20-30b imo
  13. up for this, meron sa ibang towns katulad ng @go 14 at @go 29. para iwas na pupunta pa sa may town na may broadcaster.
  14. na fix na po ba yung sa bug ng feather coat sa champs?
  15. baka pwede po pa add ng broadcaster npc sa lahat ng town. sa @go 29 (homebase ng BP) meron eh. para easier access sa broadcast hindi yung pupunta pa sa pront