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  1. up for this, meron sa ibang towns katulad ng @go 14 at @go 29. para iwas na pupunta pa sa may town na may broadcaster.
  2. na fix na po ba yung sa bug ng feather coat sa champs?
  3. baka pwede po pa add ng broadcaster npc sa lahat ng town. sa @go 29 (homebase ng BP) meron eh. para easier access sa broadcast hindi yung pupunta pa sa pront
  4. the garb's price is still going down. as of this moment, some are selling for 5b.
  5. yea with proper stats and gears you can reach somewhat a good dmg, but not to the point like the bowling bash of LK or despe of GS. idk, i just think it still lacks dmg this is a good one, i'm not even asking for ridiculous amounts of dmg, just buff it up a bit so that snipers can also keep up the dmg. this will make the sniper community grow.
  6. i think sniper's SS skill still lacks in dmg, need to buff it up a bit more, maybe put in a increase SS% dmg or something
  7. put spiral pierce added dmg in LK Link plith
  8. last na po, can we join multiple events? (e.g. sinx and lk tournament)
  9. how about in hot agit? nakalagay kasi sir no restrictions rin eh. sa sinx tournament, are normal attack card-skills allowed? (automatic cast fireball, bolts, sonic blow,bash, etc)
  10. boss yung foods ba as in stat foods lang(str+10,agi+10 etc)? bale pwede berserk/awake pots,aloevera, box of resentment, box of gloom,etc? tapos yung sa koe at hot agit, no restrictions as in pwede gods donate items?
  11. Shadow Garb is really hard to get, quest is really long, has a 3 day cd, 5% drop rate(10% if bubblegum realle does work), and you can only sell it for 6b.. it even is a donate item.. can you make like a low compensation for every darkred scale piece? like make it a quest item or maybe trading it for credits like 1c = 1 darkred scale piece.
  12. it kinda sucks that you can only create ONE icarus weapon for a given account. can you make it like, one icarus weapon per account per 3days/week or something? because having ONE icarus weapon for an account for the rest of the server's days kinda makes the created accounts useless after creating the icarus weapon.
  13. i just noticed that you can't go to manuk and splendide maps using @warp or @go. yes i understand that you need the quest to go there(fields and village) and i already finished it but i still can't use the @go 27 and @go 28 even if i'm finished with the quest. might as well remove it from the @go command or make it so that you can warp to these maps