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  1. This promo is better than the anniversary promo...
  2. S>RED SET[DEX+1]=200B, STR FIGS=15B RUSH FIX... Message me ign: Your Mama Or leave a message here.
  3. BG is dying. Less and less players are joining BG everyday. There are even times that BG is not proceeding because there are not enough players. One reason is the rewards are not that interesting. There is no money to be made. Players specially newbies and the one's hunting for equipment prefer to farm. If you put castle drops as a reward where we can change our badge to castle drops then i believe that BG will be active again.
  5. And suddenly the prices went straight up high. Good one for those who has these items before this update.
  6. May I know when will the Summer Hunting Event end? It is not that easy to hunt 6k Summer points for a Sleipner, I mean I just don't want to be hunting and then suddenly the event ended already. Thanks a lot...
  7. are this items gonna expire or it will be like forever. thanks.
  8. Blue ArchAngelwing (int +1)=12b Azure Aura=3b Godess Helm=3b
  9. +1
  10. Good thing I read comments first before continuing the quest. I'm just in the second NPC but nah nevermind.