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  1. @Jedi Doge im hoping you'll remove the party requirements in thana tower so solo players can also access it without dragging 4 extra clients.
  2. +1 to this but i think @warp in there is too much, maybe just at-least remove party requirements.
  3. because thats what COSTUME is for sir. the stat is just an extra bonus to it but the purpose of it is the looks. recoloring it to fit for other colored costumes and clothes.
  4. yea i'd like to know the market price range of those too like +7 to +10 so we newbies would know
  5. hahaha i just saying AES being obtainable from mining is already good enough,. @Jedi Doge i suggest that same as AES, a mith for CES should also be available in mining, should be different monster but same appearance(just mixed in with the current mithril mob), same chances as P.mith but there are atleast 20 of its monster but not more than 50.
  6. and lose the value in mining. please consider how hard some players level their miners up for AES. AES is already there for each and every players of this server,new players can start hunting it after 2-3 days building their miner. but no problem with me if it requires 100k koe/woe points and/or 2 P.Miths from Lodie by chance.
  7. the best i have read this evening. +1
  8. i really hope that activity and vote costumes should have those +1 allstats too so some new players can have those too. with that, i dont think the ones in the donation/koe/woe will lose its value because what players are after are those cool looking ones, duh! if it isnt then those donation costumes will not cost that much than the ones in the woe/koe shops. unless there is a hidden features behind it but i dont think so. adding those accessories in the DT shop makes this server more pay to win, thats if you only look only to 1 side but if you look deeper to the specs of this server, with their db populated too much but still no lag and the quality of sprites/gfx, well that just makes it reasonable, i even think this server deserves more donation.
  9. now are you talking to your self? it seems that you are the one not reading buddy.. stop calling your self idiot. learn to understand first.
  10. hahaha i see, so we'll just decide whether we make this server our life or not.. hehehe i guess those people who has work has to absent for this event hehehe well anyways thank you hehehe, i guess whats special in this server anniv is the donation npc only. tho i like to participate that special lotti girl hehehe
  11. GM @Jedi Doge , i hope you reconsider the election tomorrow, only announcing the code might cause for some to missed it. maybe it should be posted since the npc will stay there for 24hours, and i highly suggest to use server time and date instead of saying tomorrow after woe. its very confusing for us newbies to when exactly is that.