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  1. Violet card = 100m to 1b, depends on the admin. Still your suggestion is good but it should be unique to Darkside for example, Galactic coin or something.
  2. Yes, that is right, also, its to avoid abusing the skill, cu'z when the duration is at 30secs and 20secs cooldown, you can abuse the skill over and over again without even using talis, that is the flaw that the admin saw, it also contradicts the usage of talis for jedis, by not using talis and abusing the said skill, you can switch items effectively whislt in talis, one cannot, I get your point, probably some player(s) are abusing the flaw of the skill of use it to some degree of cheating, also, that is the point of using talis with force sacrifice, furthermore, just look down. ^ here's your answer @banj
  3. Yes it does now, but like I mentioned, if a player(it means you) does not use Force Sacrifice as a main buff, as such, they only use, "force element+force concentration+jedi frenzy+saber parry with or without force regeneration+etc,." you dont have to use talis/soul link to use "Jedi Sacrifice", the admin didnt changed the skill to talis/soul linked exclusive skill like full adrenaline rush, one hand quicken, etc etc, instead, increased its cooldown yes, thus, you can still use "Force Sacrifice" with or without talis/soullink, with that also said, I mentioned that when a player(it means you again) used talis/soullink, instead of dying in the end of the duration of the skill, let me correct myself, its not 25% but you will lose 50% of hp, thus, preventing a player(you again) from dying in the end of the duration of the skill. To Summarize what I've said. Without talis+Force Sacrifice = certain death(now) With talis+Force Sacrifice = alive but with remaining 50% of hp.(common sense to those who uses force sacrifice) Now, if a player is using "Force Sacrifice" as a main buff, then a talis is a must to avoid dying at the end of the skill duration, as such: "force element+force concentration+jedi frenzy+saber parry with or without +force regeneration+etc., +Jedi Sacrifice".
  4. No, you can still use force sacrifice without talis, a player only uses talis when using force sacri as one of its main buffs to not die when the duration ends, 75% of the hp will be drain instead of dying when in talis mode, thus, its a must need, but those who dont use force sacri as a main buff, doesnt need one.
  5. Uhm, who told you that mdef reduces the duration of status ailments? first and fore most Hard Mdef and Soft Mdef doesn't reduces the duration of status ailment, instead, it only reduces the incoming magic damage dealt to a player,(https://irowiki.org/wiki/MDEF#Multiplicative_Modifiers, http://forum.ratemyserver.net/guides/mdef-guide/)[Mdef] only stats can reduce the amount of or nullify the status ailment and not mdef. Next, in our server full of edited equips and gtb being used alot, dont you think that having +6 mdef, is a bit useless, so do speak, we have costume items that gives +1 to all stats and whatnot, furthermore, our server is just limited to level 255 and not level 999, thus, its only possible to counter 1 status ailment with using stats, being common is stun, by having 120 or more vit points, thus, its only logical to use cards that gives anti-status ailment to counter the short-coming of the stats, with that said, its very common to use the 2pcs Gemini-S58 card, that is quite common for dex type breakers to avoid stone curse ailment while breaking the emperium right? just to mention Pvp, wherein in both situation, every milli second counts. Other one, most players cant procure to hunt those status ailment potions and the like, being, insufficient of funds and by all means they will just use the cards that gives anti-status ailment cards, that is the most basic rule in a standard high rate server rather than to use the cumbersome potions and whatnot, also, it will take a lot of storage weight. In regard to the last paragraph of yours, you're already talking about self-destruction
  6. Yes I do understand your thoughts if our server is a low rate server one, however, our server is set to high rate server, with that said, +6mdef is pretty much useless in every other way, furthermore, would you use Maya purple card just for the additional +6mdef or you'll ignore the card and use the anti-status ailment cards like Orc hero, ESL, Marduk, Gemini S58 and so on, to which is very very much useful in every other way. In comparison on your thoughts, will you use poring card which gives Luk+2 and PD+1 in your armor because with the right build, its a LOT?
  7. Brief Explanation: Pretty much Maya purple card is useless in every other way, its effect as of now is just +6Mdef. With that said, I suggests to change the effect of this card to "Add a small chance percentage of auto casting Level 5 Over Thrust on the user when attacking", level 5 Over Thrust gives ATK +25%, Break weapon chance +0.1%, while WhiteSmith card auto cast level 1 MOT which gives ATK +120%, break weapon chance +0.1%, thus, its quite balance, furthermore, there's a break chance, even if its a small percentage, if we all have 197 attack speed, its just a matter of seconds, though there is a way to counter this, to use cards that gives indestructible effect to weapon or use a weapon with indestructible effect, with that said, exchanging useful cards like TG, Phreeoni, The Paper and so on, a player needs to use those cards to prevent the breaking of weapon, the other one is by using FCP, we all know that most players cant use FCP due to usage of Glistening coat and a Creator, thus, with that said also, this will help the market to circulate more Glistening coat in the market, making players to make Glistening coat in the hopes of selling them and gaining funds to purchase items. Pros: Can be used by everyone, since the card is wearable through headgear, also, this card will have its use again. Cons: People might say its quite OP, but with the said pros and cons of using the card, it will balance itself, also, its just +25% ATK, its like TG card not to mention, OT has a break weapon chance.
  8. It wont get too imbalance for the game, I mentioned that the additional damage should be around 5%-10% for the crit rings, the additional 7% for the BE+crit ring combo just adds around 10%-15% crit damage, it wont break the game easily, since we have dex type players that can easily surpass the damage of crit type does, in addition to that, crit build isnt really that tough when it comes to pvp, sure it can dish-out damage but the damage it will took surely hurts, also, the auto-casting cards like injustice card, poison react and other skills can easly bypass the PD(Perfect Dodge). In pretty much sense, its called balance, but the effect percentage depends on the Admin, but I personally prefer the +10% crit damage for the crit rings.
  9. Brief Explanation: We dont have any accessories that adds critical damage, instead we have an accessory that adds luk, sure luk does adds crit rate but not so much crit damage, furthermore, we have accessories that adds str, agi, vit, int, dex and luk, so why not add for crit damage purpose. Also Blank Eyes(BE) should be the possible combo for this one. Blank eyes give +3% critical damage, if crit ring is equipped additional +7% more critical damage and +10 critical rate. As for the effect of critical rings, the Admin can choose from 5% to 10% more crit damage.(I personally prefer +10% additional crit damage). How to obtain the Crit ring. Either by Vote points or by Activilty points. Pros: More build, more fun. Cons: None of I can think as of now. I'm still thinking of suggesting TH/Sith Hood and the other top HG that gives plus to crit damage and crit rate+BE+Torn wing+Crit ring for (normal)Crit set and GEO set+BE+Crit ring(expensive) Crit set. but because of game balancing purposes and not to ruin the server, im still thinking of other cons for the crit set suggestion. Edit: Additional info.
  10. Also for the Donate Lightsaber, adds additional +10-15% damage to all enemies, if +10 adds additional 8% more damage to Jedi and Sith class. Furthermore, the actual number of percentage may vary if the Admin chooses to(all lightsaber).
  11. Well, If we go for the SW lore. Blue Lightsaber - can also be used by Siths, some Sith apprentices and Sith Lords uses Blue Lightsaber, it isnt shown in the movies and the animated series, but in the Canon lore, there are some that uses it, well, adding one slot should suffice, and the given effects are good enough. Green Lightsaber - probably the same with Double Attack effect of Katar weapons and additional damage on both Jedi and Sith class by 7%. Red Lightsaber - the non-Uber should have the effect of Uber Red Lightsaber, but goes like this, additional damage on both Jedi and Sith class by 7%, again, if we go in the lore, Sith vs Sith is common in the SW universe, Apprentice killing its Master, also, Darth Maul and his brother fought their master, Darth Sidious(The Emperor also known as Chancellor Palpatine). Purple Lightsaber - I dont know if anyone uses it, probably additional damage to all enemies by 5% to 10%, it depends on the decision of the Admins. Yellow Lightsaber - Additional base attack and additional hit rate, probably. Uber Green Lightsaber - the same with Green Lightsaber but with additional 5% to 10% more damage to all enemies. If +10 Addtional 5% more damage to all enemies and additional 3% more damage to Jedi and Sith class. Uber Red Lightsaber - the same with the Red Lightsaber but with additional 5% to 10% more damage to all enemies. If +10, additional 5% more damage to all enemies and additional 3% more damage to Jedi and Sith class. Uber Purple Lightsaber - probably adds damage to Force Push, Force Wave, Force Shock and adds additonal damage to all enemies by 5 to 10%. Uber Yellow Lighsaber - remove the effect of additional damage with force push and replace it with something more useful, who uses Force Push nowadays by the way? Maybe something like nullify or reflect magic damage by some small percentage of 10% or something, adds more crit damage, hit rate, and attack, or adds additional attack speed by 10% to 20%, or adds more damage against small, medium and large size enemies, TBH, I dont know what to suggest for Uber yellow, cu'z its one of the logical tandem for both red and green lighsabers, either Uber or the non uber. As I mentioned, something more useful than its current effect. Note: This suggestions, some of them are from the Canon lore of SW universe and some of them are for the game balancing system, thus, using this items wont cu'z and imbalances towards the SW extended classes. Edit: Also, Is the Saber Thrust of Sith class is kinda bug, at level 5, it gives 75% more damage with red lightsabers, yet I dont feel that it gives 75% more damage, kinda check on it please dev team, if its really bug or what.
  12. If they will change the Maya P mob as well, making it like the LHZ boss mobs, sure, why not, however hunting Maya P and killing it can be done by anyone without any sort of good gears, unlike PRO(Philippine RO), killing Maya P there is quite a job, whilst in our server, killing it wont take 10seconds, also, the anthell we know today, wont be anthell anymore, it will be camped as well very much like the lhz, also, include the gld_dun03. Furthermore, doing so will break the game, our server is a pk server most and foremost, in addition to that, players can always use BOS(Box of Sunlight) or Horong card for sight.
  13. As the Title say's, I want to suggest to increase the numbers of dragon egg mobs, only Ungoliant, Lady Solace(in thanatos tower, I like to suggest to enable warping in this dungeon, making some quest more accessible to others, which is unlikely to happen or rather, wont get implemented) and the Dragon egg. Thus, by increasing the numbers of Dragon Egg, it wont be a time-consuming quest, players cant abuse this quest since it can only be done once a day, I think? As most of the jewels that needs to be hunted are quite easy to obtain, while the Garnet 50pcs is quite time-consuming to do. BTW: Dragon Egg's respawn time are: abyss_01 +3x/20~30mins +5x/30~40mins == abyss_02 +10x/30~40mins == abyss_03 +10X30~40mins Pros: Many players will do this quest cu'z its no longer time-consuming task, either old players and newbies like me. Cons: None of I can think of.