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  1. Make Job Costume Ticket obtainable through quest. Maybe a mission quest or a Star-Wars-like quest.
  2. Make Fish Slice Box occupy 1 slot only.
  3. I think Jedi Doge will take care of us after the 1v1 Tournament.
  4. Also patiently waiting. Update us pls.
  5. How about a private Monster Arena? There's too many assholes in the Arena.
  6. Guild Name: House of Valkyrie Guild Leader's Name: Strategist Guild Leader's Facebook: Palos Alejandro Members Count: 17 Screenshot of your guild showing all members are max level. Screenshot of your guild showing your guild's in max level. A group screenshot of your guild in game. Do you know each member personally? Or you just randomly invite them in game?: YES/NO + explanation. NO. I asked people from the forum and in-game to join the guild. We are all newbies and never claimed before. There are 2 guild screenshots at different times since we added 2 new members.
  7. Sure, I'll post a thread when I am ready to claim.
  8. Obviously, you will have to create a guild or join one. I joined this server 5 weeks ago. So I am also looking forward to creating my guild to claim these freebies. How about we join forces? I don't think that will be illegal.
  9. Sold for 80B. Thanks!
  10. I don't know how much is this card since I am just on my 3rd week on this server. Leave your offer.