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  1. Good evening sir, 

    May we ask about an update regarding darkside ro's status? 

    Thank you!

  2. Offer ThanaC or PM ME
  3. Buying: Clean DF Revolver = OFFER Relic Sword = OFFER Rinnegan = OFFER FCYC = OFFER _______________________________________ Selling: God Aura [LOW] = OFFER ThanaC = OFFER GloomC = OFFER VA (clean) = OFFER Sleipnir (clean) = OFFER Archer Figs = OFFER Kakashi = OFFER BlackSet (clean) = OFFER MOA = OFFER Mage Figs = OFFER Shadow Garb (clean) = OFFER CrothenC = OFFER
  4. How much Black Dragon Helm and Sword? TIA
  5. BUYING: 1. Black Visor v2 2. BLHZ AURA (low) 3. DragonForce LHZ Aura (low) Thanks!
  6. B>NHP,Black Chinese Monk Hat,VA,VM,THANA,DFBOW = OFFER
  7. Goodevening, may i ask how can i convert my items to costumes? is there an npc? TIA