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  1. S>60 or 70 DT NONR
  2. i agree. sry for crying. but my point isnt that wrong even if i got mad theres no time said and there are 2 woes everyday
  3. its like announced in a 48 hour cycle
  4. so the last events also were not annoucned correclty?
  5. to be able to prorize they have to know that something is about to happen also its still 13th at my place and there are also 2 woes a day.... hahahaha cant just say after woe when there are 2 woe every day cant just say after woe when there are 2 woe every day the event of 14th started "after woe" at 13th when ure announcing times just announce times and not this kind of weird info
  6. i have no idea myself these items are too expensive for me but i think i have seen a +8 for 900b somewhen but i can be wrong maybe it was +7 just wanted to suggest checking that one again before buying to be safe
  7. isnt the +8vmant cheaper?
  8. in battleground im getting buffs from other ppl that arent in my party. thus my stats will be wrong and ill loose aspd. i dont want every buff. its very annoying
  9. every day 200 people suggest this u can stop now im sure they read it alrdy
  10. cyc not sure maybe 70b? geo set 180-200b? black set 160-180b? va 22b? +10ica 15b? balmung no idea i think +9bal is around 195b. but im not sure here niles 50b
  11. i think sleip is around 40b and variant around 60-80b
  12. its 70-90b i think
  13. up
  14. i need more +1str upper costumes
  15. punish abusive players work against the big amount of cheaters