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  1. if koe also counts for it then it should be fine already i think otherwise i agree, then its very expensive
  2. everything sounds nice but 1 thing... stats sometimes need to be very specific, so it would be horrible for by example me, if i got all buffs in koe. id really want to avoid that this is especially about agi and dex, since both affect the aspd. all other stats cant cause negative side effects
  3. i think its very boring that most map mvps are useless. i really like that theres at least 3 to hunt. pls dont remove them, better add more use to the map mvps
  4. if they allowed you to change colors, it would maybe be double the price hahahahah
  5. 3b-4b is the basic price for bishop card
  6. i kinda dont like prequests but rest sounds fine maybe make it more expensive instead of random this is just 100b per medal it should be more around the same as a vset in my opinion i know u ppl want everything for free but i hope thats not going to happen still saying to make it more expensive and nobody i know likes prequests that way not every player is uses the same items
  7. up
  8. up
  9. B> gold lighthalzen aura LOW = credits OFFER or ask me to offer if u have one bought alrdy.
  10. S>60 or 70 DT NONR || BO yet 1T = 60DT
  11. i agree. sry for crying. but my point isnt that wrong even if i got mad theres no time said and there are 2 woes everyday
  12. its like announced in a 48 hour cycle
  13. so the last events also were not annoucned correclty?
  14. to be able to prorize they have to know that something is about to happen also its still 13th at my place and there are also 2 woes a day.... hahahaha cant just say after woe when there are 2 woe every day cant just say after woe when there are 2 woe every day the event of 14th started "after woe" at 13th when ure announcing times just announce times and not this kind of weird info
  15. i have no idea myself these items are too expensive for me but i think i have seen a +8 for 900b somewhen but i can be wrong maybe it was +7 just wanted to suggest checking that one again before buying to be safe