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  1. change the level required of the new weapon/acce to max level. since there are additional weapons and the so cold MEDALS. why not increase the level cap of the server? change it to 275? or 300? ang make it somehow a bit harder to reach the increase cap for a bit fun
  2. regarding the luk medal. is crit rate +1 and crit dmg +1% is it worth it?
  3. can you please add cloth color for sith/jedi? please? and add also baby job ticket ty
  4. uhm where is that gambino npc?
  5. Hi. Can you remove the requirements for credit exchange? Or change the requirment like you need to buy 1 coin for 1c for every transaction.
  6. please add another kind of currency 1000 credits = 1 bank note since most of the people here are buying and selling items worth 100b +
  7. fix woe reward points. 30mins of time supposed to give you 3creds right? and other supplies e.g. (2creds for the first 20mins and 1 for the next 10mins)
  8. please do add colthes color for jedi/sith and please do add end game weapon especially jedi/sith thanks
  9. add end game donate weapon with 1 extra skill active/passive (if possible) please remove those afk farmers in prt_maze03 almost all spot of the said map have afk farmer
  10. change the effect of vh+dwing combo black vh + black dwing >+10% melee dmg, +10str, +5% hp or >+10% reduce dmg, +5% hp red vh + red dwing >+10% range dmg, +25dex, +5% hp or >+10% reduce dmg, +10% hp also if ever that you will implement the end game weapon for all class please do add 1 or 2 skills base on its 4th job. thanks more power
  11. end game donate weapon for all class. garment + shoes + accessories combo for all class (donate or not up to you)