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  1. Up! Sir @Jedi Doge More power DarksideRO!
  2. Up sir for this upcoming headgear rotation, Tnx!
  3. Up for this sir! Tnx @Jedi Doge
  4. Nice Update! Btw @Jedi Doge, Untill when will the summer event will last? Tnx!
  5. @Jedi Doge I would like suggest to put in the next costume rotation middle aura's in the bonus points shop like : 1. Lighthalzen Aura (Mid) 2. Black Lighthalzen Aura (Mid) 3. Aurora Lighthalzen Aura (Mid) 4. Gladiator Lighthalzen Aura (Mid) 5. Fusion Lighthalzen Aura (Mid) Just like with the shaman, abbadon, amaterasu, hitsugaya mid auras. With +1 allstats, ofc... Tnx !
  6. Just checked the new sprite of angelic valk set, and it is still better off without the attached cyc in it... we can't use our mid donation costume also now... like dragon cyclop's and others... Sad
  7. How much 21DT? ur ign? I'll pm ya later. Tnx
  8. Up for this... Pls update the rk's cloth color pallete sprite... Tnx..
  9. Yeah it should be fixed, last time its already okay, then after patch it is wrecked again... Good idea much better to put back the korean rk sprite that is working properly.. Tnx. Pls enlighten us. @Jedi Doge
  10. Kindly please re check and fix also the rk's cloth color... right, dude @VahnSeymour @Jedi Doge
  11. Yeah, this is a nice suggestion, this will make hassle free trades to avoid scamming in dealing with items or equips worth 30,000 credits + (300 and up) ... I recall from our past server the admin implemented a currency that 1 Violet Card = 100 credits... Hope that the admin's here will reconsider this, Thanks!
  12. It went off again after patch last night.. pls fix @Jedi Doge.... Tnx
  13. Yikes! yeah man @VahnSeymour .. after the patch awhile ago, it reverted again to the shaded one, haha... 😅😅😅 @Jedi Doge
  14. Ohwwww... Too bad, maybe you can try to repatch bro...
  15. Already fixed man, @VahnSeymour, .. Tnx @Jedi Doge