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  1. Up for this ☝ Also pls increase guild capacity; previous guildmates are being invited to the server, and also the population is growing significantly, maybe it's time to increase the guild capacity again in order for some newcomers to fit into the main guilds. Thanks! 😁 @Jedi Doge
  2. 1. Pls implement violet cards currency, which is 100c = 1vc ( violet cards ), together with it's corresponding npc which changes violet cards to credits and vice versa, this is to make more comfy trades / deals if the item is worth 300b+.. Thus, this will prevent any issues of scamming and the likes; 2. Update Black Valkyrie Set Combo 3. Pls make the 1k koe and 1k woe points lower costumes with +1 allstats ( Just like the Kreia Coat ) so that it is worth buying for ✌ Thanks!
  3. Buying : +10 Df Banryu or +10 Df Sword Leave offer or pm me; Tnx
  4. @Jedi Doge... Suggestion sir, maybe it can work like a 1st job costume suit / 3rd job costume suit which is equippable and or; The ticket (Job sprite change ticket) must be presented in the npc in order to change sprites, "Just like the VIP system in the old original osro way back years ago" In this way, we can still market the job costume tix/suits, and the bonus pts will not come to a waste if you want to change or delete character. Just a humble suggestion sir, Thanks and more power DarksideRo
  5. Omg, haha.. it would be nice if all characters in one accnt can use it 😃
  6. Can we use this costume ticket for all of our characters, in one account?
  7. I totally agree with this, blackset is totally left behind compared to the other wing sets. @xern yeah, venom set and geo set are totally op.. cyc + asprika + venom set ftw...
  8. Hi, good day... I'm buying fish slices per 10k pcs basis @ discounted price pls. Kindly pm me here, oe leave ign. Thanks!
  9. @Jedi Doge @A2 @joecnls Hi, is there any update when will be the halloween costumes (+2allstats), and +10 stats & buff candies will be disabled? Coz on the description it says Oct. 29 ~ Nov. 5... Thanks!
  10. Up!, Hopefully any considerations for this suggestion! More power
  11. Hopefully they'll notice this suggestiion about Cyclop's eye, Sniper Card & Black set
  12. Hello sir/mam, About for CYC may i suggest a update? Before: CYC - dex +3, str+3, int+ 3, Flee +50 Why not put a twist on Cyclop's eye like: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant Class = aspd3%, Reduce3%, Dex,agi,str+3 Mage, aco, Ninja, Gunslinger Class = Flee+50, Maxhp+10% It's just a suggestion that gives each class a designated effects. Also for Sniper Card, Is it really HIT+ 200 , Lifesteal +50% < I think 50% for Lifesteal is Overpowering the Sniper card specially for LK's If u hit 15k u recieve 7.5k, What if Sinxc is Implemented in the future updates so the example is if someone using Sniperc+ Wsc+ Sinxc Hit an enemey damaging *30-40k* Recieves lifesteal of 15-20k HP. So im also suggestion to Reduce the Lifesteal to 15-20% of Sniper Card or like add a "%" giving a "%" of Lifesteal when hitting an Enemy, Ofc the decision will be yours More power!