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  1. 1. Make all BP and DT costumes actual costumes - The issue is the loss of stats when converting them from a headgear to a costume. Lets be real, no BP/DT headgear is going to be a staple replacement to Valkyrie helm+Dragon wing combo + BDM/3D/FCYC/CYC. So may as well just immediately have them as a costume. 2. Can we get the odds of the Lotti girl, i've spent all together 10T and haven't gotten a +10 ticket. 3. Is it possible to get a dummy target that we can use or RENT with credits, which lets us test damage and shows us the DPS or DPM. So we can test how effective other builds are? the differences between spiral/BB or sac/chain shield/shield boom and every other build. (I saw a video of a different server which had a DPS displaying target)
  2. Is it possible to change the script for the new Angelic Valk recolours? 1. Allow any scarf to work with any helm for the bonus within the Angelic Valk set I mean all you're doing is a new recolour and expect everyone to spend another 210-300DT for the new set and stats.... Sends a really bad message imo
  3. Is lotto girl still rewarding WTDs?
  4. youre following all the moderators, and now me, am i going to be one too :D?


    1. imandio


      hahaha maybe one day we will

  5. 1. Is it possible to add baby versions of classes to the job ticket NPC? 2. Adding more end game PVE content, instances or dungeons. Id rather grind something more interactive
  6. agreed, the colour of the cyc attached to the angelic valk is pretty damn ugly
  7. Probs will go up one refine at a time so will need the +8 9 and +10 tickets. Instead of a garunteed refine ticket, may be just do safety tickets instead so it'll drop the credits further? For needing more to get +10
  8. Maybe add more exclusive skins rather than already present ones so people are more inclined to go for them or spend more in gambling. The thing with zeny sinks (gamble/if there's NPC credit enhancer) is the rich probably will still hoard their credits, while the poorer will buy them/use them as a way of getting rich quick through luck, the unicorns dream.
  9. Lol wtf I don't down vote people, you said it was an idea and I respect that. But your idea sounded like it revolved around the idea as a money sink. I already see using credits for the current system suggested already being a money sink, but garunteed stats seems a bit too much. But who knows everyone else might see eye to eye with either of us
  10. I don't think that's a good idea just because the server is already balanced as is with the minimal stats given through donations/customs. The good thing about the enhancer is the fact that it's RNG most players will spend billions to get the +1-3 preferred stat as is.
  11. Maybe the enchantero can be an event where she is around for a week for people to dump excess credit into it to reduce the credit saturation.
  12. Good first few steps to stabilizing and balancing the economy. The suggested price will definitely help unsure players of the price of the goods they're purchasing or selling so they don't over pay or undersell and minimizing profits of BNS tactics. Can't wait to see it in effect
  13. I agree to this too its a very good idea, It gets wayyyy too expensive to try and collect them all and helps to remove some of the credit circulation too (100C-500Cred) , considering the cosmetics are already costing $100USD/$150USD for one of them. Maybe im just out of touch with the value of donation goods on private servers these days..