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  1. ZENY SINK BOIS!!!!!!!!
  2. Well, how did that go for the server? You guys still made this thread right? That means it's not working. You need better rewards or better (schemes). Zeny sink is de wei.
  3. Lowering the zeny intake would do minimal. What you need a zeny sink. A new event/quest NPC, possibly limited timed. That uses zeny to do certain quests(important and appealing quests). Or a Slot machine kind of thing, where people will gamble to get minor prizes(supply boxes) and a very awesome major/grand prize with 0.01% to get, and only exclusive for that gambling NPC. Not sure if it has been pitched before. I didn't back read sorry if it did.
  4. Oh ok lol..
  5. But you can EDP inside right? Sorry for the questions
  6. Is SinX disabled in WoE? I thought the update was that you can only use it inside not outside to pre-EDP. ?.? i'm confused