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  1. please make some update for HOH. i think no one is farming there right now. thanks!
  2. +1 allstats on blue eyes also thanks!
  4. would like to suggest if you can reduce Arena Archer Guardian HP from 7.5 Million HP to 230k HP? i dont know why it has more than x10 the life of the Arena Sword Guardian? thanks
  5. Nowadays, people tends to sell castle drop twice the updated price for token quest I am thinking if we could add more source of castle drops instead of gaining it thru castle drops,token quest,woe points,etc? how about Monster points system? like an MVP points? 500-1000k MVP Killed Points = 1 cas drop? or much even more?this will force other players to buy more Branches to spend their zeny. please disregard if this would not help Thanks a lot!
  6. How about sell items worth credits thru npc? Option 01: 1.0 Kage Hat - let's say in the normal market price, it is worth 30c. how about sell it in an npc worth 30c also? in this way, the buyer would buy it in an npc rather than buying it on a player that might sell overprice for it. -this would force the player who sells kage hat to lower their price since there's a npc who sells at a fixed price. Question 01: How about those rich people? they will just buy on the npc and let those poor people quest without gaining credits after all their hardwork? Answer: First of all, we all wanted to have a fixed price for the items. this shall serve as our reference to prevent those who are selling overpriced. if you mind about those rich people who will tend to buy npc, well this will burn more credits to the server. poor people? i think they are also included in selling overpriced items. why? come on guys, after hunting an hour,days, week, months you will give me such credit like this? nah nah naaah! i will sell it higher because of my hardwork!!! hahaha. of course donate items will not be part of the proposed npc. Option 02: 1.0 please do consider my other proposal that those next quest items for the next update will be composing of 70-80% zeny + 20% items. this will also be a reference for the buyer. please disregard again if none of this will help. thanks a lot!
  7. Please make All-in-one Buff Scroll be tradeable. i dont see anything bad at making it tradeable. thanks!