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  1. Hi Joen!


    May I ask if how to remove the white lines on signature? hahaha I notice some of Forum users can remove those border on their siggy...

    I was looking on the signature settings but I cant find it ^_^. hahahaha

    1. Vox Populi

      Vox Populi

      I dont know a thing about forum setting sir :( sorry :/

    2. Resonance-
  2. UP^ Please PM me for Offers /or Deal
  3. @Vexillio 1B per 10K pcs. Sir @Djm91 Still have supplies. but if you have Fish slice stock just kindly pm me. if ever I'm in need thanks
  4. based to current market price is around 250-350B, It depends on the seller/holder of the item.
  5. Updated. ^up
  6. Updated.
  7. Updated.
  8. BUYING - 30K pcs of Alcohol = 5B IN NEED OF SUPPLIER OF: - Alcohol PM ME OFFERS : IGN: Resonance, Shadow Chaser Resonance, Koril. or just kindly post your offer here.
  9. We all have our opinions we all want this to be fair, even though our admins and or staff tried to fix this issue and make a norms to balance the economy , it really depends on us how we can farm zeny or you either decide if we're going to donate. because this people who is selling overprices is no cure at all and I dont think they would follow. The only thing we should consider is: 1.) Social Class not all of the players can afford to donate not all of them are already graduated or have jobs some are just students who also wants to play. unlike those who really earns a lot from abroad and had a stable jobs like us or the others. 2.) Player/s Norms. if this players tries to keep his norms to his item price. you should remember and consider what would be the effect to all the players, to the server, and how our server would be inviting to other people who wants to play this RO, remember the higher the population, the higher the player, the higher chance of the server to live long and inviting and all of these depends on its economy and community. 3.)In-game economy norms. Our admins is giving their efforts to give standard and regulate the prices so the item could circulate appropriately. but the thing is, is this players would follow? is there any sanctions? I think there no rules giving sanction to them, coz, first of all their reason is, they bought it from their own money(and we cant do anything about that) he/she could decide whatever price he want it to sell. BUT*** how about the players farming 24/7 to gain also credits and to farm such items needed. we should also consider them. farming/hunting is hard it takes time and there a lot of competition in-game. the thing here is we should be Fair. both side gave their time and efforts, both side deserve to have good items. donating is much easier than farming literally. "And we don't know how soon our broken economy will return to normal". 4.) Necessity of the Item: try to look on the stats attributes. if you really need this/that item or not. a. is it only for character cosmetics/aesthetics? b. is this good for your character to be strong enough? tanky enough? increase your PD/atk/flee enough? c. is worth buying for? (it up to us. its up to our choice) POWER or FASHION or BOTH, can you afford it, can you farm hard for it?, do you have enough time, time frame to gain/have it?. 5.) Donate: Actually all of us should be at-least give some donate coz this will also help the server alive and running. it doesn't mean the you need to donate a lot but at-least donate that you can afford from your own pocket and budget, not doing bad thing or being thief to you parents or to anyone, try to budget your "Baon/ or sahod" keep some money to donate or wait for your birthdays/achievements and then request for a gift as your satisfaction. 6.) Player Attitude/Discipline. a. Cancerous - this is stoned hearted people, you can't change their mind and totally-absolutely greedy and they dont care about how you gain your zenny as long they will have a good profit. b.Dummy God- the partner of cancerous players. who keeps playing multiple accounts talking to him/her/his self deceiving other players making such norms that this should be the present price. c.Talkative Chicken- A player who loves to trash talk. player's who tries to abhor some player and guilds. d. Hard-Rich Farmer- The I don't care player. these are player with good farming ability. who knows how to gain Credit/Zenny quickly. they just ignore how much the price it cost, becuase they know how to regain it immediately e. The Lazy Day-Dreamer- A player who only loves to stand-by keeps dreaming/wishing that I want this and I want that. but he doesn't farm, give effort for it. f. The Rich Kid- Well, the most players who do/can donate. haha THE BOTTOM LINE TO ALL OF THIS. IS to lets try to be CONSIDERATE. we all love playing Ragnarok (either private or local) before until this time. let's just be FAIR and FRIENDLY. and make our economy return to is normal and balance status. we both all give our efforts either you're a donor or not. its just that we are all on different social classes how we earn zeny and items.
  10. B>AURA OF PROTECTION | FORBIDDEN CYCLOPS EYES S>GOLD POLICE HAT | RAZER HEADPHONE (LOWER-NECK) Pm me offers in-game: Resonance | Shadowchaser Resonance | Koril Thank you. <3
  11. Recommended Seller Already made me 2DF Staff and 2DF Bandryu.
  12. +10 to this Sir Jedi Dodge, Finally. we have base reference in prices. both beneficial to newbie, farmers and donors.
  14. BUYING VEND MAP/PLACE Can we provide/create an area where all the Buying vends can stack and post. coz some players and dummy accounts for "buying" is keep occupying multiple "Selling Vendors" at the mall, they keep stacking on the selling vendors cell, where the purpose is to sell your item while you're offline or at work. but unfortunately some disrespect and keep covering some shops and you can't sell your items and gain zeny in a respective day. Like this: hope we can provide a place for buying this will help both hunters/newbies to sell all loots in an organized map/place and specially to Loot buyers(@newmap) and for them to avoid blocking such selling vends(@mall).
  15. @Jedi Doge Hi Sir Dodge, May we suggest/request for re-working for sprite of Elf's Feathers Aura and make it better, adjust glow and make it more feathery? it looks like more as snow aura hehe. :)