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  1. I got one word for this "SHARKS". Those are sharks and sharks are unsustainable. You do realize how much $500 is right? There is an on going trend right now on AAA MMO's where microtransactions are becoming so cheap. Why? They're selling through volume. The cheaper the items the more people will buy. $60 for two pieces of equipment is just too expensive. AND you need to refine and enchant those! I'm on the dropshipping business and let me tell you. Volume beats expensive any day. Hey how much are costumes in LoL? Plus we also can't ignore the fact that there's more demand right now than supply so that's driving the prices up. If the server don't wanna loose the sharks then I guess so.
  2. What most of you people don't realize is what we're trying to achieve here is balance which is hard. If the server really wants to to lower prices for donate items then lower the donate prices. Fact is donators are not going to sell at low prices when its so easy too make zeny through farming. Right now, IT IS NOT WORTH IT TO SELL YOUR HARD EARNED $60 for a measly 130b. From my point of view this is the ongoing trend on this server. There's a lot of OP sellers because they feel that its not worth it to sell low. For instance, the ongoing trend of prices for +10 Icarus Weapons going up. There's so few making them now because people feel they can invest their time on better money making schemes. Check this out; I can buy a console game for $60 like say Monster Hunter World or say Pokemon Sun/Moon. And then reach end game and be competitive without spending a dime more. On top of that they have better servers and service. I AM NOT HATING on this server okay? This server is already great. Donate items are already easily attainable. I'm just stating how things are. If the server wants a zeny dumping scheme then look at end game content (WOE, KOE, PVP). Check what are in demand there and make some of the items purchasable through an npc. Do we currently dump zeny when making BOT or DBOT? How about fish slices? Cant we just make the GYM passes purchasable with zeny? Its only for carry weight anyway. How about increasing required zeny on quests?