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  1. hehe no prob. u might want to have this one instead >> https://imgur.com/LaVuQun
  2. Thank you for the nice update! Hope we can get Castle Drop/WOE treasure box for 35 WoE points too *Psst: Time to monitor more maps to prevent macro farming bots?
  3. @Jedi Doge Kindly check the script for balmung. It doesn't add int+5 as per description. hew hew hew. salamat!
  4. Nice update. But kindly fix this one, please. It's not a costume anymore huhuhu
  5. well, i just hope GMsss can do something. ty for your response tho
  6. Hi. I'm not sure if that's difficult or not because from my past servers, most of them didn't auto-close like that. And the previous server I played, the GM simply implemented it once requested . >.< I believe @Jedi Doge could do it easier
  7. GM @Jedi Doge, I hope you could improve/fix(or whatever you call it) the configuration of login screen. I think it would be better if we could get back to the Main Login Screen when we got disconnected or we logged in the online accounts(vendors in @autotrade mode). As of now, when that happens(eg: -refer screenshot-), clicking the button will give option to close the game and we need to relaunch it Isn't that tedious? Hope you will do something about this ~__~ salamat po!