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  1. I didn't erase the low chance fact besides thats the magic of RNG. Chances are not equally proportional to the total list of items.
  2. Its an RNG dude we can't do anything except for trying again many times.
  3. While the inflation rate goes up I have something in mind that will mitigate the issue. First remove zeny from token quest because we know that this is the root cause of issue. Second add some quest items that can buy from NPC like Fist of fury, Skewer, Takius Blindfold, Magina Blindfold and Alice doll since they are pre-requisite items of another quest.
  4. I see the point of putting SRP on donation items but how can you be sure that it would be followed? Is there any sanction for those who go beyond the SRP?
  5. I believe the items from surprise box will disappear when it expires.
  6. Some of my suggestions are: 1. Add MATK bonus for Aura Blade Skill of Lord Knight. Ex. 100/200/300/400/500 Matk with respect to skill level. 2. Add New unique weapons/Equipments obtainable thru Event/WOE/PVP points only. 3. Monthly reset of Breaker Ladder/ PVP Ladder
  7. I hope there will be exclusive weapons for jedi/sith classes soon.
  8. Because its human
  9. Blank Eyes doesn't show when you equip it
  10. That's nice update, now no more trolling in #main and #market and I'm looking forward for a major update for our server. Kudos Boss Jedi Doge
  11. Of course you should refrain from killing same person twice to avoid losing 1 point. About the reset counter I believe you have to kill another person before you kill him again. ex (you kill player a and you have to kill player b then you can kill player a again and kill player b alternately I guess)