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  1. Changed Status to Fixed
  2. UPDATE please ..... @Vox Populi @A2 @Jedi Doge and thank you
  3. Update on this bug please.
  4. i was doing AES Enchant to my VM, and it went sucess . then i checked the equips and found out that it was in my weapon replacing the card that is in the slot so i decard the weapon, now i have this in inventory. can i have my +2 str to my VM please!!!! and is there a way/ chance to get the card back ? Please let me know , what would be my next step.
  5. every hour ? but i had it for 10 hours and the hunger bar wasnt moving, its not decreasing. please review
  6. good afternoon , pet's intimacy is not going up, and hunger bar is not working . ive had mine for 10 hours , when i got home i fed it and started walking away. now he is gone . please help me. please i dont know what is happening. i thought it was hungry since it dindnt eat anything for a long time .
  7. need to repatch your game i think ...