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  1. LK doesn't have that Restriction list on the rules. Read carefully.
  2. LK has restrictions on items the only restrictions are no parry, no ogretooth/cranial, no assump and no auto tarot and no outside buffs. You get free edp from admin as well if the fight is taking too long.
  3. Talk to costume synthesizer and revert your winter coat. This happens when you turn a default costume to another costume.
  4. Make sure you relog when WoE starts.
  5. Changed Status to Denied
  6. That's the purpose of refining, take risk.
  7. Will be disabled on next patch.
  8. Yes it does protect you from Desperado. That's why you should have support prof in your guild for counter LPing.
  9. Are you sure you have glistening coat in your inventory?
  10. Changed Status to Invalid
  11. Reinstall DarksideRO Lite Installer.
  12. None.
  13. Have you heard of the mighty Crothen Card? Daily Battleground and Daily Woe. Problem Solved.
  14. afaik no, you have to be inside the castle.
  15. No one sells 80c, fixed price is 1 - 1.1b
  16. Where would you put cyclops then?
  17. Deleted posts that are not related to the topic.
  18. There you have it. HP is useful, prevents breaker from breaking Emps.
  19. High Priest is actually useful if you're going to ask me, get 4 bacsojin card, spam sanctuary on the Emperium and spam Asperio on breakers (used to work on enemies on other servers not sure about here).
  20. Which guild? I also dont think Conor survived a full blast 21/21 guild as he switched to professor when the update rolled out. Is the full 21/21 guild you're talking about was focusing on either of them? You mean you have 21 members full of killers? Should have farmed a decent item by now. I also dont think you have never tried PvP here in your entire hours of gameplay. Also why not Join a guild looking for Gpack?
  21. Some people have already suspected that Asprika will soon appear in-game. The reason why it wasn't released in the first phase was because people are still trying to farm items, a 20% resistance to all elements would be too OP, but since a lot of people already has a basic needs (Valkyrie items, proper cards) Asprika[0] won't be too OP. Remember that besides the resistance it doesn't have any other special effects unlike VM that gives reflect/PD depending on your refine rate, VM also has 1 slot. And no you won't survive in a full damage 2TG 2HY, 4.5k SP, Foods, Provoke, Gospel Asura because no one can. But from a standard Asura you can survive only using GR/Immune you don't even Devi specially now that we have increased all the Job's HP. Tao Gunka + Asprika = Survive Asura. Have you tried this yourself? And no don't ask the beefy champs ask the standard majority of Champs to try and Asura you using this combo. Also, you just jump into conclusion w/o playing PVP and WoE? I'll leave this one hanging here.
  22. AFAIK that's 20% Resistance to all elements, regardless if Phys/Matk.
  23. 4-5 Guilds on WoE almost on full capacity all active, killing and running in GvG maps are all Ghost?