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Everything posted by A2

  1. Should be +0 you can't use Refine Deed on an already refined weapon.
  2. Finally, some good prize for Lotti.
  3. Ghost vs Ghost would do so much damage. There would be no counter measure for Champs as they can easily go for Ghost element and FO you to death when dealing with GR users.
  4. People would opt in for CD instead of Zeny when claiming token points thus increasing the supply. Yes it is hard to control the economy of the server but it's better than doing nothing at least we're working on the issue.
  5. No. As this will lead to scamming, the owner can reset the PW/Email anytime while claiming to the admins that he's been hacked.
  6. Yes re-roling is easy but what happens when the barricade breaks? I don't think guilds will rerole 5 of their members to HPs at a crucial moment. So what you want to basically happen is make the barricade a little bit of boss fight?You know, guessing the race, elem etc etc. Doesn't sound good to me.
  7. Yes, but are you aware that the pitcher heals around 180-200k per pitch? with 4-5 PPs bombarding 1 barricade how much heal d'you think they'd do in 1-2sec? I don't think guilds will reserve 5 slots for HP which only does Heal as we only have 27 max limit, Bio on the other hand can do AD while switching to PP as needed. This will give guilds a counter measure in case they break the emperium too early OR wants to go longest def.
  8. Add Highness Heal and Offertorium and make it that it could heal the barricade and Emperium and have that it has a maximum heal, adding the skill Clearance is viable as well as it's a double edged sword.
  9. Closing for a few days to cool people off.
  10. It's a private server after all isn't it?
  11. Despite having credit sinker having only Job Costume Ticket as a reward isn't something to look up to specially that it really has a low chance but with the new Neo VH hitting the donation list and soon will be added in Lotti I think that might make high rollers play lotti. The credits circulating the server has destroyed the current Economy of Darkside thus we need a way to reduce new credits getting into the server, hitting the Token is a good way to start. Fret not newbies, this will wouldn't last a lifetime, maybe a month or 2. You can't edp inside and outside castle during WoE.
  12. LK doesn't have that Restriction list on the rules. Read carefully.
  13. LK has restrictions on items the only restrictions are no parry, no ogretooth/cranial, no assump and no auto tarot and no outside buffs. You get free edp from admin as well if the fight is taking too long.
  14. Talk to costume synthesizer and revert your winter coat. This happens when you turn a default costume to another costume.
  15. Make sure you relog when WoE starts.
  16. Changed Status to Denied
  17. That's the purpose of refining, take risk.
  18. Will be disabled on next patch.
  19. Yes it does protect you from Desperado. That's why you should have support prof in your guild for counter LPing.
  20. Are you sure you have glistening coat in your inventory?
  21. Changed Status to Invalid
  22. Reinstall DarksideRO Lite Installer.
  23. None.
  24. Have you heard of the mighty Crothen Card? Daily Battleground and Daily Woe. Problem Solved.