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  1. LK has restrictions on items the only restrictions are no parry, no ogretooth/cranial, no assump and no auto tarot and no outside buffs. You get free edp from admin as well if the fight is taking too long.
  2. Talk to costume synthesizer and revert your winter coat. This happens when you turn a default costume to another costume.
  3. Make sure you relog when WoE starts.
  4. Changed Status to Denied
  5. That's the purpose of refining, take risk.
  6. Will be disabled on next patch.
  7. Yes it does protect you from Desperado. That's why you should have support prof in your guild for counter LPing.
  8. Are you sure you have glistening coat in your inventory?
  9. Changed Status to Invalid
  10. Reinstall DarksideRO Lite Installer.
  11. None.
  12. Have you heard of the mighty Crothen Card? Daily Battleground and Daily Woe. Problem Solved.
  13. afaik no, you have to be inside the castle.
  14. admin can you make the homunculus back to level 99 only so many afk farmers on prt_maze03