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  1. Sir Pa help nmn po kasi ako po nkakuha ng KoeCastle .. nung kukunin ko na po ung Drop gumamit nmn po ako ng HE BUBBLE GUM pero sa apat na Treasure ni isang CastleDrop Wala po.. Pa Help nmn po please Thank You Po..



    1. A2


      Already locked and is on archive. What post are you talking about?

    2. LakiTiteKo
    3. LakiTiteKo



  3. sir you know the answers to zabusa question??


    1. A2


      Find my guide at Jedi Doctrine


  4. admin please help me. I forgot my password :( Can you reset it? :(


  5. gm need help cyfar got bug in my inventory. in not appear but it at added in weight and appear when i try to sell items in npc. TIA and god bless for helping me :D



  7. Should be +0 you can't use Refine Deed on an already refined weapon.
  8. Finally, some good prize for Lotti.
  9. Ghost vs Ghost would do so much damage. There would be no counter measure for Champs as they can easily go for Ghost element and FO you to death when dealing with GR users.
  10. People would opt in for CD instead of Zeny when claiming token points thus increasing the supply. Yes it is hard to control the economy of the server but it's better than doing nothing at least we're working on the issue.
  11. No. As this will lead to scamming, the owner can reset the PW/Email anytime while claiming to the admins that he's been hacked.
  12. Yes re-roling is easy but what happens when the barricade breaks? I don't think guilds will rerole 5 of their members to HPs at a crucial moment. So what you want to basically happen is make the barricade a little bit of boss fight?You know, guessing the race, elem etc etc. Doesn't sound good to me.
  13. Yes, but are you aware that the pitcher heals around 180-200k per pitch? with 4-5 PPs bombarding 1 barricade how much heal d'you think they'd do in 1-2sec? I don't think guilds will reserve 5 slots for HP which only does Heal as we only have 27 max limit, Bio on the other hand can do AD while switching to PP as needed. This will give guilds a counter measure in case they break the emperium too early OR wants to go longest def.
  14. Add Highness Heal and Offertorium and make it that it could heal the barricade and Emperium and have that it has a maximum heal, adding the skill Clearance is viable as well as it's a double edged sword.
  15. Closing for a few days to cool people off.