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  1. Make Holy Light stronger, coz is the only atk of the priest
  2. Make a rental NPC that lets you rent Valkyrie Set or some other items like DF weapons for 1 day
  3. FIX the lex divina formula coz is useless on high rate servers.
  4. if you that the people wont be donating anymore
  5. So what shawty wants its to allow the use of sinxC in woe and low the flee of players in woe? so he have a sinxC but can not hit the players coz they have too much flee
  6. restart the server once a week to disconnect all the vendors with 1 herb at 1billion zeny
  7. we should add our birthdate to the calendar section, so we can congratulate each other and give away presents to all people(even if you dont know the person), 1 credit you give away wont make you poor. just sayin'
  8. remove autovendor with 1 herb at 1Billion zeny, they are useless and take away some good vending spots
  9. Make a custom NPC that lets you slot enchant the weapons created by whitesmith and blacksmith
  10. Promote the use of @whosell command, because a lot of people doesnt know it and its really helpful Make high priest more useful in woe and pvp
  11. have u think about making some event and give temporary skills as reward?, like wining a tournament and give the winner the impo skill for 1 week or month on any job
  12. i couldnt find any info about the brewberry here, i mean, how many i have to create to level up, coz now im level 0 and have 40% succes rate