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  1. +1 on that, actually.. @DR4LUC0N. Very well developed.
  2. God, please, yes. +1 I completely understand your point, been there, done that. But for a server that supposedly has over 1.2k during WoE hours, I don't see why keeping the number of guild members so low. I'll always be in favour of 76/76 guilds (AND alliances). I come from a 850~1100-players-online server with 5 castles per WoE FE and 3 on SE that had constantly 2~3 76/76 guilds and 3~4 smallers with 40-, which somehow were able to wipe a full guild only by strategy and skills, since number and donation means nothing compared to knowledge. And frankly, it had no defending on entrance, only on emp room and pre emp. If that's the case, I'd vote for decreasing the number of castles and increasing max guild size. +1 to @Odessa's suggestion.
  3. Sorry but, why disabling White Lady Card for PP and SPP? Guilds are already limited to 27 members (which I already think it's way too little, but that's not the point), and healing items already have their cooldown.. isn't support roles supposed to exist at all? I honestly don't see how can 2~3 SPP Creos can unbalance things this much.