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  1. Additional stats to Valkyrie Blessing, Black Valkyrie Vlessing and New Valkyrie Blessing. its a lot of BP as well and is now disregarded cause there's no attributes given.
  2. Yeah, you know what i mean.
  3. Yes, but I'd rather get a new one then use +10R.Deed so I can have one +9 and a +10. LMAO, why did I ever bother to answer this question. HAHA
  4. Yeah but its from zeny then converted to credit. Why not do something with credit making, like making credits only once a week or once a day, or specific period of time. I don't want it to be complicated anymore so just ignore this and go with the plan. CIAO!
  5. Just where the heck did all the credits came from? Gold farming from zeny to credits? Token zeny to credits? Dont tell me we got them by donors who converted their points to credits!? Just wonderin, if we know where it came from then we know how to control it. If it came from gold farming zeny to credits then do something with credit agent. Just saying.. It might be idiotic but i already got 2 storage with full credits amount in it and still dont know where it really came from. I got them by trading but how did they my clients got them? Anyways, let's go on with this if it will really help in balancing our server's economy. Ciao!
  6. updated 17 Feb 18
  7. Still buying Account with SinX Card Pure Credits.
  8. Now i feel like its going to be a waste having +10DF banryu in your hands. No flames intended but you know.... Anyways that's how RO works., lucky you and cheers mate!
  9. Finally ! Someone who make sense here. Yeah, jaguar hat is official and the GM is just too D__B to nerf or disable the skill that cones with it for the sake of revamping donation items. Anyways, i don't wanna argue with em'haters and stew feed followers. Cheers mate!
  10. Basically Bare hand is faster than sword cause of weapon weight so it should really drop. Not that 500 weighing sword will decrease more but the penalty depends on weapon type you're using. Try using mace, spear or axe and see much more difference. We call this Attack speed penalty while using weapons.
  11. Ok so it's like the best way to revamp a donation item is to disable an official item which gives +4str just for +1str. Haha! Good thinking. I guess that's how you habdle things.. Anyways i won't argue, this is your server you can do anything with it so..LMFAO and GoodLuck!
  12. Got a point but it might be too imba. Well, test can be done beforehand too. Anything will do since i pkay for fun.
  13. Worst update. RIP Me.
  14. This one makes sense.
  15. PvP room player counter. A number that indicates the total players in the PvP Room.