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  1. This one makes sense.
  2. PvP room player counter. A number that indicates the total players in the PvP Room.
  3. PvP Room Player Counter. Example, Like if you die you become 36/36. If youre the player with most kills you become 1/36. So basically a counter which indicates the number of players in the pvp room.
  4. Please leave your offer below.
  5. Offer sir, since im on my way to donating this coming week. Best offer please.
  6. Great update!
  7. Air pressure & zoro swords pkease give price. Haven't played for quite a while so no idea. Please don't be OP..TY
  8. I think it's not like that sir. its like you can combine any mid gear sprite with only +1 all stats attribute.
  9. ok . TY
  10. at least give me your price sir?
  11. Rinnegan 1.2B sir?
  12. B>Mystic VH=offer don't be shy.
  13. I agree on sir @ChanhaLzkie And sir @Velo Remove the effects of stacked Assorted Usable then adjust the price for reselling. +10 stats is Huge enough to be an advantage. Aloes are disregarded. I've seen how Geo works and it's just a light increase in damage but Venom set is way... Are we going to have the LHZ cards on donation to compete to the new items release. /flag
  14. Selling CDROPs 10Pcs left... Buy now!!
  15. Selling 20 pcs CDrops of your choice=110C each. Comment IGN i'll PM you.