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  1. Found this cool looking equips. Hope we could implement sprites. Stats are up to the team
  2. Please add command @storeall.
  3. S> Croth Card | FBH Card | Leave name / offer. Thanks
  4. Can we do quest rewards / improve quest rewards(if there are already that I'm not aware of) for Manuk / Splendide Coins? or like exchange Coins for drops local to Manuk / Splendide Fields?
  5. how to get SGarb now? onward to new world quest?
  6. Great adjustment @Jedi Doge!
  7. can it be always like this during weekend?
  8. Photos for Homun! LoL /gg
  9. S> FBH Card 1.5B Comment IGN. Thanks
  10. Leave offer and IGN. Thanks