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  1. haha uu nga soreeee
  2. nike cap +1 vit pls
  3. welcome
  4. 30B
  5. i think if thanatos sword low +1 all status MID for thanatos sword mid +1 all status
  6. welcome brader by S e o
  7. Niles 40-45B dwing+vh set around 170-200B Varmor 17B Vshield 18B VM 40B
  8. UP THIS! ! !
  9. I won but why it two winners please check this name Even Time Won its so hard to gain points in event then he/she is so easy got points its unfair pls kindly check this hope so u can fix as soon as possible thnx
  10. thnx
  11. GM how about random reward for agit lord quest... Now the thana card so high price if random reward then give the NPC is like Hallow Mask or kakashi... pls change the random reward
  12. S/T>MetalBlueWing|Fwing|TravelerHat|DFbow+7&+8|IcaStaff+10 PM ME

  13. awts nid mask huhu