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  1. yeah i just purchased 1 WOE TBOX using breaker points then my ladder reduce by 35 points. @Jedi Doge sir can you make break points usable without losing the ladder points?
  2. nice update sir, but can you please lower the required break points for woe treasure box? since the ratio each break is only 1:1 1break/1point
  3. @Jedi Doge please put also the WOE treasure box in arena shop.
  4. nice update please make those eremes scarfs +1 to allstats too.
  5. +1 haha
  6. can you create a separate thread regarding this? maybe in suggestion hub.
  7. i agree, why not force dside.grf to 0, remove XL size chars.
  8. just for clarification, so WOE SETS stats wouldn't have an effect during 1v1? for example a +6 woe suits, even you equipped it, it won't have an additional +5 pdodge?
  9. hi pls fix. Gunslinger woe points. during WOE GS cannot get woe points since most of time GS only staying in 1 cell for defending and spamming despe.
  10. please add effect on icarus wing + ica dagger when equipped.
  11. icarus dag +50% damage is not working or it just wrong description?
  12. Added War Helm of Flame[1] Quest in Special Quest Shop Item Desc - Vit +3, Agi +3, Reduce Damage from Demi 10% not slotted.
  13. Suggestion: MVP Summoner can we have MVP Summoner rather than spamming BB's and the summon are the common MVPs already in MVP Warper since FBH/Gloom cannot be summon. Its like MVP Summoner will have a certain price for every MVPs it can be random or your choice of MVP you want to summon. if random it can categorize to common,rare,etc. for example: for rare category the possible summon are: Thana,Gloom,FBHc but it's a random summon for a price 50m ea or depends on the idea. or for common MVPs: (osiris,moonlight,tg,orc lord,etc.) <- random