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  1. Restore it @warp prontera 166 228
  2. Guild Name: Mafiaiyaiyaohoh Party Name:Numba69 Party Leader:Dreadnaught Members & Job: Aorus-Clown Possey-Creator Waduhek-Professor Dreadnaught-Paladin JohnLloyd-High Wizard Phenom-Assassin Cross Kyoto-Champ
  3. Great update
  4. PM ME INGAME IF INTERESTED. IGN: Daddy/Clown Alphoccio http://darkside-ro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/906-donation-customized-hg/#comment-5625 Thanks.
  5. For Sale: Water Spell Caster 30b/3,000Credits Dark Lord Helm 17b/1,700Credits Valkyrie Blessing 15b/1,500Credits IGN: Daddy
  6. 4.5b gambling then he'll give you a Hollow Mask worth 1b LOL
  7. Quest at your own risk