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  1. B> Diablous Boots Leave offer IGN Yoshimatsu
  2. I must say rate of changes recently is grow up. 5th update from 23.12 :-) Its great because now collect bg points makes sense. I wait for more updates. Force be with you!
  3. +1
  4. If can buy woe and bg points why dont try make area points coins or something like this? +1 Sir :-)
  5. Great idea Sir :-) +1
  6. I play Jedi class a lot of time and i have suggest for upgrade this class (somone can say this class doesnt need anything but is wrong- this class need repair.) 1. Skills- this class rarely use skills. Have good passive and support skills but active skills use only in situation when farm something. On this picture we have 4 offensive skills Jedi. Believe me- enyone of this skills will be usefull when you dont fix cast time. Why dont try take fixed cast time like bowling bash? I have 2 kiel and with this offensive skills is like without this- i must wait for cool down. You should fix it. Maybe force lighting is a little weak, but i dont discuss about this (in my opinion should be 10% stronger). 2. Lightsabers On this picture we have example of lightsabers. First- Green lightsaber is make with great idea. Somone watch Star Wars and remember when Dooku or Windu have own style of fight. What is my proposition? BLUE- This sword in Star Wars is basicly on Jedi force. I dunno why Red Lightsaber is stronger like Blue.. Should be have more dmg because is weakness like basicly (yellow), and should be avaible only for Jedi or Padawans. In my opinion 90-100 atk and 3 slots should be ok. With this increase aspd and attack its great for begin. Green- This is very good idea with this sword. I use this in battle with mage class when i use shield, but this second atack is too very weak and take low dmg.. Its no fair. Use one sarber ist enought for make restrictions and this 10% second damage is too low. In my opinion should be 25% dmg and more chance to take second damage. But idea with basicly attack like katar is great! Red- This sword should be only for Sith. Should have bonus attack like blue sarber (aspd + increase dmg). Purple- This sword should have bonus attack like green, but maybe doesnt like katar, maybe bash will be good for this. Yellow- This is ok. UBER- Dunno what mean GM's to make lightsabers this mark. No one use lightsabers this class, because basicly is cheaper and easier to make +10, but i have idea what to do with this. Uber Green- This sword should have more chance to double attack and more strong like basicly sword. Uber Red- This sword can have bonus like my proposition about basicly red sarber + bonus damage to jedi class like basicly. Uber Purple- This sword should have bonus like my proposition + force shock. Uber Yellow- This is ok. Plase to reply what you mean about this plase. @Jedi Doge @Vox Populi
  7. And in this moment hope to GM come back! They really read suggestions of players and really thanks for this great update!
  8. I play here something like a month maybe more and i must say this server is unstable at donate items. In my opinion non donate players should be have chance too to have different donate items. Maybe if will be option to done quest to make donate items it will be fine. Donate players own on woe pvp ect, this can be stabilize server. Second case is about thanatos tower. I think maybe if make there instances/stages like in ET problem can be gone, because i hear when a lot of players camp there. Everyone want to drop thana- but at the moment its impossible.
  9. S> 2x icarus daggers. 2b each. Leave IGN
  10. Its show communicate like collect letters like for santa hat, but this is other. I try tomorrow show how this look like exactly sir.
  11. When i farm on xmas dun02 i collect something like christmas costume. Whats it and where i can convert this?
  12. 2x merch figures (str) 2.5b each or offer IGN xYoshimatsux
  13. At prt_in 32 61 Bat cages = 1.4m Cyfar = 200k Stone Fragment = 200k
  14. I suggest to make something like mvp points. This can be rise interest mvp hunt not only for card/quest, then for points can be buy items like ygg box, ori/elu box and some eq. Mvp points can be dependent from mvp lvl. Why i propose this? Because so much shops is for pvp/bg/woe/monster arena, but forgotten mvp. Maybe then mvp farm can be usefull. Next proposition is about aligment chance padawan class with the rest class. Maybe when lightsaber with 4 slots can be have more dmg, this can be fair or make special stronger weapons. Why i propose this? I would like feel when with taekwon class- always been worst class from the rest class- now gunslinger or ninja is better on pvp like padawan class, although should be equally.
  15. I want to sell: +10 Icarus Bow [Bow guardian x2 TG x2] SOLD! +7 Sniper Suit [Ghostring] 2x Archer figures [Cecil Damon x2] Cyngus Helm [Orc Hero] / sold Claw Wings / sold Offer your price here