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  1. ya the prize still Weapon Refine Deed
  2. 1.1T
  3. are it is same with the Medal on Donation NPC? can be quested?
  4. finally new koe woe vote activity!!! thankyou
  5. +1000!!! so excited i wanna cry T_T are promo codes is 1 per IP address?
  6. youre following all the moderators, and now me, am i going to be one too :D?


    1. imandio


      hahaha maybe one day we will

  7. yes 1.2-1.3 it when vm are 40-45b, i dont know maybe it could be more expensive since vms are now 45-50b but 1.2-1.3t is ok for +8 its fair price, +7 is 400-420
  8. i typed what i see on market
  9. based on my research at today's market price +8 Variant = 1.6-2T +8 VM = 1.2-1.3T +7 VM = 400-420B Blueset = 210-220B FCYC = 100-110B SAMAHEDA = 100-120B +9 DF Banryu = 220-230B +10 DF Baryu = 550-600B Correct me if i wrong, thanks!
  10. 75b
  11. 900b
  12. +10000000000000000!!!!!
  13. yeah i alr bought it today and barely realized 105 cant use my mid :') only mid's aura good with this sets... suggest : 1. we can choose old style or new style 2. change the colour of the dragon cyc / we can choose the colour or for 105, we can choose AV's colour. TY..
  14. i buy ALL you got! IGN : Snowfox
  15. Sharp paper : 5m ea Cat's eye : 2m ea Illusion Flower : 1m ea Singing Plant : 1.5m ea Izidor : 1m ea Darkgreen Dyestuffs : 2m ea Scarlet Dyestuffs : 2m ea