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  1. +7vm +1str +geo 1str + 200b = +2?
  2. +100! go claim yours NOW!
  3. +100! go claim yours NOW!
  4. thx for the update
  5. pm me vshoe
  6. +100
  7. B>all ur cdrops 7b eac
  8. merch fig 30
  9. great updates <3
  10. nice update! how bout support?
  11. can you add @warp and @alootid + ?
  12. thanks for the pic
  13. ya its just 5-10b each before
  14. Wow The Requirements quite hard BUT WE GET A PAIR OF RANDOM MEDALS!: 2 Bunch of Carnations 2 Acolyte Figures 2 Archer Figures 2 Mage Figures 2 Merchant Figures 2 Swordman Figures 2 Thief Figures 2 Niles 4 Freya's Jewel 4 Billow 4 Iron Maiden 4 Breath of Spirit 90 Fragment of Rossata Stone 100 Credits 200 Treasure Box its worth like -+270-290b just for the requirements (today's price before medal quest patched) wow we can now easily enter @lhz_dun without doing the quest! maybe LHZ's card price should be drop soon? @Jedi Doge please fix, 35koe points for 1 cdrops? at least 100koe pts like WOE