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  1. I understand,and there should be specifics, but basically.. I'm only referring to God Auras(100 DT).
  2. i think you guys should put an NPC where can ppl exchange God Aura's into middle to mid or low to middle with a credit charge fee. because ppl taking advantage of it selling overpricing
  3. B>PINK/WHITE GOD AURA MID leave price or pm me in game IGN: Kakarotto, Porn Star
  4. do they hide or cloak with you as well?
  5. bought one. special thanks to Lost Stars (thread closed)
  6. B> COMBAT KNIFE = LEAVE PRICE,LEAVE IGN or pm me in game IGN: Kakarotto
  7. done
  8. sold
  9. S/T> Cursed Sword of Abbadon (mid) 250b leave offers or pm me in game. IGN: Kakarotto
  10. 7b for pairs (fixed) leave name or pm me in game IGN: Kakarotto
  11. sold
  12. 50b lower costume +1 allstats/ 100 bonus points pm me in game for offers IGN: Kakarotto
  13. leave offers or pm me in game. thank you IGN: Kakarotto
  14. bought one*. (thread closed)
  15. i'll trade it to +7 VM+15b+diablo spirit(+1allstats) pm me in game ign: Kakarotto. thanks